Thursday, January 28, 2010

You can't win em all

Day 296

Day 21

A crummy night's sleep makes everything worse, no doubt about it. I didn't sleep solidly or deeply for most of last night, and then Soren was bright eyed and bushy tailed extra early this morning, so the first 2/3 of the day was less than stellar. I always look forward to naptime, but today I was especially glad when it finally arrived. I can feel the tension starting to melt away as soon as I hear that change in Soren's breathing to indicate he's fallen asleep. Amazing how that works. ;)

Things improved after our nap; we bundled up and walked over to the play area again, where Soren got to run and climb and slide and I got to talk to my good friend Shay on the phone. Eleri, once again, slept in the front pack all the while. When he'd had enough of the cold, Soren walked over and grabbed ahold of my jeans pocket and started leading me back toward our building. Very sweet.

I'm still getting used to having a brand new baby around. It's funny, the things you forget. Too often these days I've found myself surprised by spit-up, without a burp rag handy, resorting to mopping up the puddle with a blanket or the baby's hat or my sleeve. We haven't taken her out all that much, but I know her diaper bag's not as stocked as it should be, and one of these days we're going to be caught out somewhere unprepared. You just get used to a different level of gear with a toddler - and different kinds of gear, as well (sippy cups and snacks instead of burp rags and 2 or 3 spare outfits). We'll get the hang of it again, of course. Just takes time.

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