Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teething sucks, but burgers are pretty great


Day 326

Day 51

There wasn't a lot going on during the day on Saturday. Moderately lazy morning, and then we did a little tidying in preparation for having company in the evening. We'd invited A and his parents over for burgers. Tom was the super chef, orchestrating the whole meal (frozen buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries, courtesy of Trader Joe's, and sauteed Brussels sprouts & baby bell peppers, plus grilled onions & all the burger fixings). We had a great time. Poor Soren was still a little feverish and feeling crummy, but he did seem happy to play with A and really only melted down toward the end of the evening as they were getting ready to leave. Eleri (you guessed it) mostly slept, but she did wake up a couple of times to briefly eat and look around a bit.


Day 327

Day 52

Soren's fever finally broke this afternoon, after naptime. He is still very irritable and whiny, though. Not a happy camper, the poor lad. I took advantage of our lack of Sunday plans to catch up on some sleep. It wasn't really intentional; I just kept knocking back out every time I had occasion to lay down. My cold seems to be mostly gone, though, which is quite fortunate. I'm glad it was just a quick one. I did manage to be a little productive today, getting some laundry done and going to swim some laps before dinner.

We watched The Invention of Lying in the evening. It was pretty amusing.

For a while now Eleri's been making little "is she smiling or not?" faces; we couldn't quite tell if the grins were for real. Well tonight she was definitely smiling for real. Tom was brushing her hair (she's got some serious cradle cap starting) and she was just beaming at him. It was unspeakably adorable.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The first rule of Snot Club is...

Day 325

Day 50

I woke up Friday feeling pretty crummy. It's no fun having a cold when you've got two little, adorable beloved look after. Soren's been extra whiny and clingy for a little while, so I've been suspecting this was coming, but I think his 2-year molars are finally ready to make their move. The finger chewing and drooling and near-total inability to sleep on his own are pretty clear signs. And then in the middle of the night last night, he spiked a fever, so that confirmed it for me. It's going to be a rough few weeks until these bad boys erupt all the way.

Eleri has been eating more in the past few days, I think. Possibly sleeping more, as well. I suppose she's, like, growing or something. (Imagine that!) She's starting to make fun little coos and grunts when she's awake and looking around. Also, she seems to really like it when Soren gives her hugs in her chair. I kept getting after him about not squishing her, but she actually doesn't seem to mind at all. She doesn't cry (unless he accidentally leans on her arm or something) and she looks all intently and happily at him when he stands back up. It's quite cute.

Anyway, yesterday I had a cough and a head full of snot for most of the day, so I didn't really want to move from the couch. (Though I ended up feeling way better before dinner; the congestion went away entirely, so when Tom got home I booked it down to the gym to get some exercise and a respite from whiny kids.) Fortunately, Soren's fairly willing to sit and watch They Might Be Giants music videos on the iPod with me. Like this one:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Half-assing it, temporarily

Day 324

Day 49

Blugh. Tired, with the beginnings of a head-cold. (Actually more like the middlings.) Anyway, here are your pictures. You'll get your words (and hopefully video) tomorrow. Good night!

Added Friday:
So Thursday morning was actually kind of a fun and different library playgroup session. A few of the moms have started up this in-home cooperative preschool, and they brought in some of their Montessori toys and set up little learning activity stations for the kids. Soren had a grand old time scooping dried macaroni from one bowl to another, playing with wooden puzzles, and drawing with crayons. He was thoroughly engrossed in his activities and didn't try to escape or even bother to come looking for me for at least half an hour. Of course, when everyone was cleaning up and getting ready to go, that's when the little genius decided it would be great fun to dump the entire bowl of macaroni on the floor. Heh. Oh well.

There was epic nappage afterward, and then when Tom got home, Eleri & I went over for my 6 week postpartum checkup with the midwife. Everything's good, and on the way home I got to talk to my dad on the phone for a little while. He's just started school this week, and I'm really proud of him!

I recorded a few of Soren's fun little phrases of the moment, just some things I wanted to preserve for posterity. Have a look.

S'more Soren Says, originally uploaded by TurnoftheSue.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cute kids, these

Day 323 / Day 48

Today was, indeed, a better day than yesterday. Soren was fairly mellow in the morning, happily reading his books in our bed for a little while before getting up to his usual scamping about. We did our walking at the mall, though this time I opted to skip on the post-walk play area romping, since Soren didn't seem all that interested in the play area itself, last week. We headed home instead for lunch and a nice nap/veg out time. I got some more cute, short videos of Soren in the afternoon, which I will hopefully get around to uploading tomorrow.

I don't know if they're a regional thing or not, but if your local Trader Joe's stocks the "Classic" Buffalo Burger in the frozen section, and you are a meatitarian, you should seek said burgers out post-haste. They are exceptionally delicious, with grilled mushrooms and cheddar cheese mixed into the patties. So good.

That is all for today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mama said there'd be days like this

Day 322

Day 47

Today was not the most stellar of days. A bunch of little things kind of just kept happening - in serial, not all at once - that conspired to exacerbate my initial grumpiness upon waking. I've no desire to rehash it all here, but let's just say I'm not at all sad to have the day winding down and the promise of a fresh start tomorrow.

Two small highlights on the day, though. The first was our trip to the park in the afternoon. We arranged to meet A and his mom there after naptime, and the boys were undaunted by the remaining snow on the playground. The slides and play structure were, at least, fully cleared. It was pretty chilly by the end of our hour there, but I think Soren had a good time overall. The second highlight, owing largely to the fact that I was on the ball enough to have dinner prepped in full by the time Tom got home, was that I was able to go swim some laps this evening. It was a huge step toward my being able to put the day's travails behind me.

Tomorrow we've got more mall walking on the agenda. I'm glad most of the snow and ice in the parking lot here has melted; soon we'll be able to start walking outside daily again!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Low-key Monday

Day 321

Day 46

Every day Eleri seems to notice her surroundings a little more. Today she seemed especially taken with Soren, even giving him a little grin when he climbed up on the couch beside her. It was pretty great.

The only other particularly noteworthy happening from the day was Soren's attempt to say "helicopter" after we heard one outside. I wish I'd thought to record it, since it was very funny. I'll try to get him to repeat it tomorrow.

Here's a most entertaining webcomic that I found today. Axe Cop is written by a 5 year-old and illustrated by his 29 year-old brother. It's got a "wild little kid imagination" quality that I'm finding particularly amusing. So enjoy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another weekend, gone too fast

Day 319

Day 44
Saturday started with a bang...followed thereafter by some whimpers. Soren fell off our bed and was a sad, sad boy for much of the morning. He was fine, physically, but he never really settled into the rhythm of the day, or something. He was just kind of out of sorts, poor guy.

Tom took him to the park later in the morning in an attempt to find some snow-free slides. They were more or less successful, though there was still a lot of snow piled high all around. Soren came home talking about "snoo-moos" again. ;)

I finally decided I couldn't stand his unkempt mop of hair anymore and gave his hair a trim in the afternoon. I didn't cut it as short as I have in the past (it is still winter, after all), but it's short enough now that he doesn't look quite so feral. Still acts the part, of course, but at least at first glance you might mistake him for a civilized gentleman.

I caught Eleri air guitaring in her sleep in the afternoon. That was pretty great.


Day 320

Day 45

Sunday morning I went down to the pool for the first time since Eleri was born. (And really, I hadn't been to the lap pool in several months.) It felt good to get some exercise. It felt really good to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes afterward. ;)

Later in the afternoon, Soren & I ventured out to make the weekly Trader Joe's run. It was unusually crowded; took me several laps around the parking lot before I could find a space. This was, of course, not helped by the fact that there are still huge piles of snow hogging valuable parking real estate. Ah well. Soren was a good lad in the store, commenting on the "many drinks" in the wine aisle and "many guys" in the checkout lines. Hehe. He was very happy to receive his customary balloon at the end of the visit.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Weeks

Day 318

Day 43

"I can't believe she's a week old already!"

"Wow, it's been a month since she was born? I can't believe it!"

"Six weeks old! Unbelievable!"

Um, believe it, Sue. Time passes, babies grow, there should really be nothing unexpected about it. Still, it does seem to be human nature to be continually surprised by the apparent rapidity of the passage of time.

So here we are, more than halfway through February. Eleri has indeed been among us for six weeks now. Our little shankstress continues to prefer keeping college student-type hours (sleep in late, party all night). She does seem to be crying a little less though (or maybe we've just grown accustomed to it). She's a much better traveler in the car than her brother was at this age. She doesn't loathe the pacifier, as Soren did, but neither does she adore it. Her neck muscles are getting stronger by the day, and I'm sure it won't be long now til she starts doing some real social smiling. She loves bathtime, and I'd say 70-80% of her diaper changes are now tear-free events. She does lots of wiggling & squiggling during her awake time these days, exercising her little arms and legs. She's managed to avoid all of the horrible face-rashiness that plagued Soren in his early days, thank goodness, but I think she may be starting to get the first bits of a case of cradle cap.

That's about all I've got to say about the wee lass. We're all quite smitten with her, and it's been fun to watch her little personality start to slowly emerge. It'll be even more fun as she starts interacting more and more with Soren.

In lieu of another YouTube video this week, check out one of the many new videos I just uploaded to Flickr. :)

Opposites, originally uploaded by TurnoftheSue.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

He's lucky he's so cute

Day 317

Day 42

So, today the playgroup went to the Jerome "Buddie" Ford Nature Center. The kids got to check out some critters (turtles, a guinea pig, an iguana, some birds & some fish, as well as a taxidermied turkey and bear) and run around in a big room for a couple of hours. Soren was...frustrating. He's been really good lately when we've gone to the library, not making nearly so many escape attempts. But today, he was far less interested in the animals than he was in trying to go places he wasn't supposed to be (the bathroom, a couple of offices and closets and, most notably, out the automatic front doors) and play with things he oughtn't (the water fountain and the roped-off aforementioned taxidermy exhibit). When all the other kids were crowded around the guinea pig, Soren was off in the corner, leaning against the glass door to the greenhouse. When we were out in the greenhouse looking at the iguana, he kept climbing behind some potted plants and trying to get up on some stacked chairs. Everywhere we went, he wanted to be somewhere else. He was excited about the fish at first, but quickly became distracted and started messing with the (glass!) shelves underneath the tank, knocking one down but fortunately not breaking it. I was the only mom who had to constantly chase after her kid as he gleefully bolted out the front doors.

I guess it just wasn't interesting enough for him there, or something. With the exception of the water fountain, of course. He could have played with that all day if I'd let him.

We went to the library later in the afternoon (to actually get books, not to play). There were a couple of funny things to relate from that outing. First of all, there was a mom and little girl about Soren's age in the children's section while we were there. The mom had a backpack from Dora the Explorer on her lap (a backpack that looked like Dora's backpack, not a backpack with Dora on it). Soren and another little girl were fascinated and kept pointing excitedly at the backpack and map while saying, "Backpack! Map! Say map!" Soren also was telling the backpack lady all about the sun and the moon and lights, pointing out the window and saying, "Sun! Sun all gone. Sun moon! Sun moon lights!"

Second funny thing - as we were leaving the library, a woman was walking by with her dog. Soren of course pointed and shouted, "Dog!" The dog was kind of freaked out by the lad (clearly doesn't spend a lot of time around kids) but was apparently friendly, as her owner asked if Soren would like to pet the dog. The dog, however, was totally not down with being approached by a tiny human-looking creature and kept backing away. The owner finally told the dog to sit so Soren could get closer. And Soren promptly sat down in the middle of the parking lot. Oh, hilarity.

Other random Soren-related amusement. My reaction when Eleri spits up is (far too) frequently, "Oh goody." Soren has apparently taken the phase to mean spit-up or stain, because now every time Eleri pukes, he says, "Oh goody, sister." And if Tom or I have spots on our shirts, he'll point to them and say, "Oh goody, mom-mom" or "Oh goody, dad-dad" or occasionally "Oh goody, shirt." He's a funny one.

This has been quite the Soren-centric post today. I'll have a six-week progress report on the little lass for tomorrow. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ow, my achin' hips

Day 316

Day 41

This morning, in a feat of near super-human speed and efficiency, I managed to get us all dressed and out the door in time to go stroller walking at the mall with playgroup people. Well, for most of the time it was just us and one other mom-daughter pair, and then we caught up with someone else near the end of our walk. But anyway. It was probably the most exercise I've had in a while, and boy were my hips feeling it this afternoon. It was good, though, and hopefully we'll be able to make it a weekly thing. I've also been wanting to get back to swimming on the weekends. It's nice to feel good enough to want to work out; now I just need more hours in the day (or one of those time turner things from the 3rd Harry Potter book).

After the walking, we let the kids out of the strollers so they could blow off some steam. We made our way downstairs to the play area, which was all well and good, but Soren was more interested in running laps around the outside of the play area and trying to go in stores. A couple of times he made a break for the escalator, which was scary, but I never let him get far enough away from me that I couldn't catch him in time. He may be speedy, but I still have longer legs (hey, I have to have longer legs than someone!).

Tomorrow we're going to check out the local nature center. Should be neat!

And then their social calendar started to fill up again

Day 315

Day 40

Soren was so happy to have A over to play on Tuesday. He kept wanting to give his buddy hugs and share his snacks and toys. At one point, the two of them were sitting close together on the floor looking at one of Soren's books, and though it was insanely adorable I failed in my attempt to speedily but stealthily fetch my camera and photograph them before they were off and running again. Ah well.

Tuesday I also decided it was time to ditch the bottle once and for all. (What, I didn't tell you about my out of control drinking problem?) (I kid, of course.) For months and months now, Soren has been drinking water from a sippy cup but milk from a bottle. It's not a huge deal, but he is almost two, so it really is time. It's been a surprisingly difficult transition, though. It's not as though he doesn't have a solid handle on the mechanics of sippy cup usage, but he seems almost offended when we give him milk in one. Milk in a bottle = acceptable. Water in a sippy cup = totally fine. Milk in a sippy cup = horror without measure. Tom rightly pointed out that the bottle is really the only comfort sucking Soren does, since he doesn't use a pacifier or suck on his fingers. So I suppose it's possible there's some unwillingness on his part to give that up. I wonder though if there isn't also some element of "this doesn't belong;" when he's putting away his toys, he's actually remarkably consistent about where he puts things. (Magnets go in the top drawer, blocks in the middle drawer, letter cards in the bottom, books in a pile between the toy drawers and the stuffed animal bin.) He doesn't get it "right" 100% of the time, but it's pretty darned close. Anyway, that makes me wonder if there's a beverage-vessel incongruity that's bothering him, on top of being deprived of his comfort mechanism. We'll just have to keep working at it and see.

Eleri's gaining more control over her head and neck every day. She's also making a lot of facial expressions that seem more social. Maybe not smiling, per se, but definitely engaging with us more. Cute, cute, cute.

We've got playgroup and other gatherings planned for the rest of the week, so that's nice. Good to be out and about after all the snows. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

The end of exile

Day 314

Day 39

It's felt a little like exile, being cooped up and snowbound for the better part of the last week and a half. We've been out a few times, of course, but there hasn't been nearly enough running around with other toddlers, as far as Soren is concerned. Fortunately, we ought to be able to get together with A and his mom tomorrow, so that'll be good.

Soren's not the only one who would like to get out of the house. Tom got to escape to the store on Sunday for an hour or so, and today was my turn. I even pumped a couple of ounces of milk for Eleri, just in case I was gone too long and she got hungry. Tom said it took her a little while to figure out the bottle, but once she did, she downed that milk like a champ.

This weekend I read Between Parent and Child, by Dr. Haim Ginott. In short, it's about learning how to communicate with your kids in a constructive way, without putting them in a position to be defensive. It's all about validating their feelings, and the basic idea is that by demonstrating that you understand where they're coming from and expressing sympathy for their situation, you avoid arguments, which spring primarily from hurt feelings. This seems to be Ginott's claim, anyway. I'm still trying to decide what I think of Ginott's methods; in almost all of his anecdotal examples, problems seem to be almost magically sidestepped as a result of what appears to me like kind of a non-conversation. The kid is upset about something, the parents says, essentially, "You are upset/hurt/angry/etc. You wish the situation were different." And that's pretty much that. On the one hand, I can certainly agree that (for example) if a kid breaks a toy and is sad about it, getting on the kid's case about breaking the toy doesn't do anything but make the situation worse. And there was a lot of Ginott's book that I will take to heart, and things I will definitely try to avoid when dealing with parent-child confrontations in the future (and even confrontations with other adults). It's the "magical" aspect of which I'm skeptical. I'll just have to wait and see how well it works, down the road a ways as the kids get older.

Food-filled weekend


Day 312

Day 37

I suppose pretty much every weekend could be classified as "food-filled," but this particular weekend we had meals with friends both days.

Saturday, Eleri took her first trip out of state. We drove up to Maryland to have lunch with a friend of Tom's from Caltech and his wife. Not that the little lass noticed much of the journey and outing; she slept very nearly the whole time. Soren, on the other hand, did not fall asleep in the car and ended up going napless for the day. He's been taking shorter naps lately, and he wasn't even burned out with exhaustion by bedtime. Please keep napping, Sir! My sanity requires it!


Day 313

Day 38

Since our brunch plans from last weekend were derailed by Snowmageddon, we rescheduled for this weekend. Max & Agnes came over Sunday evening, and we had brinner (brunch for dinner). Bacon, French toast, steak with grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms, and mimosas. Tasty! And it was nice to visit with our friends; it had been a while since we were all able to get together.

Soren was Mr. Sociable, showing off his ever-expanding vocabulary and bringing books out of his room so Max could read to him. Eleri, as is her custom, mostly slept, but she was awake for a little while. She's growing like a weed, that girl. At just over 5 weeks old, she's no longer swimming in the 3-month clothes, and most of the newborn stuff is much too small now. All that eating and sleeping is working out well for her, it seems! Hehe.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy, no...Friday!

Day 311

Day 36

Friday we got up and bundled to take Tom to the metro, since the shuttle wasn't yet operational after all the snows. Eleri got to wear her super adorable, super cozy blue bear suit. I spent most of the rest of the day thinking it was Monday, finally remembering late in the afternoon that it was, indeed, Friday!

I'm sure I had something interesting to share about the day, but I can't for the life of me remember what it might have been. So just enjoy the cute kid pictures, and we'll resume the amusing anecdotes tomorrow.

Edit: I thought of something I could add. Since, last Friday, I posted one of the music videos Soren enjoys, I thought I could post another one this week. He must have watched this one 15 times back-to-back today before he started getting tired of it. It's "Electric Car" by They Might Be Giants. (Or as Soren calls it, "Take a ride.")

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is downright astounding. Color photographs taken in Russia in the very early 1900s, decades before color photography was in widespread use. Tom aptly said, "As stupid as it seems, sometimes I forget that the past was in color." Which is a pretty accurate way of describing why these images are so affecting, I think. Anyway, check it out.


Day 310

Day 35

There's a little game Soren & I play sometimes that goes something like this:


And so on. It cracks me up, and he seems to get a huge kick out of it, too. And now that I've typed it out, I'm realizing it's a lot funnier spoken aloud than typed. So trust me, it's pretty hilarious. I've been trying to get him to play the same game with Tom, only with "Daddy" and "DadDOO," but it hasn't caught on yet.

Today was our last day of government-mandated snowcation. Tom goes back to work tomorrow, albeit with a delayed start. At least he'll get to ease back into working life with an immediate 3-day weekend thereafter. ;)

It seems that Eleri's reaction to her first bath was - thankfully! - just a fluke. Subsequent baths have all been tolerated very well. She's yelling less and less about diaper changes, also. Oh, she still does plenty of hollering, especially when she's plagued by a gassy belly at midnight, but she does seem to be deciding that some things in life are not as bad as they first appeared. Yay, Eleri!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful Snowblivion

Day 309

Day 34

It's really looking like Tom's going to be off work all week due to the snow. I believe we got another foot or so, last night & today. Pretty crazy. And next Monday's a holiday! Nothing like a nice, long forced vacation to get you caught up on your reading (Tom's been going through books at the rate of about one a day).

We get some really strong swirly winds between our building and the ones across the street, which results in huge, super-cool snowdevils. (You know, like dust devils.) And several times this morning, the wind was blowing so much that we couldn't even see the buildings across the street for all the snow in the air. I don't use this word often anymore, but "rad" is seeming like the most appropriate adjective to me at the moment. "Frickin' rad," even.

Besides "snow, snow & more snow," I don't really have much of interest to report. Kids are still cute. Soren's still itching to get out & play with his friends. Eleri's still doing lots of eating, sleeping, spitting up, crying, pooping and making of funny faces. I've tried to get some video of her to put up here, but she hasn't wanted to tolerate it for long before getting upset, and I'm sure you're all super excited about the idea of watching a video of her crying. ;) I'll keep working on it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More snoo-moos?

Day 308

Day 33

Tom took Soren out in the snow this morning, hoping to get to a playground. The play area on the grounds of our complex wasn't accessible, what with the two foot snow drifts, so they tried the park that's just outside the rear gate here. Alas, snow plows don't fit on slides, so it was largely a futile effort. But Soren got to expend some energy and came home soaked from the knees down & asking for more "snoo-moos." (Snowballs.)

Eleri had another mostly-awake day, which I'm hoping will mean she'll go to sleep earlier again tonight. She's getting rather proficient at holding up her head (like, even more so today than yesterday), and a few times I've seen her with a distinctly happy look on her face, smiling with her eyes if not quite yet with her mouth. It's like she's starting to become a real person! ;)

It started snowing yet again this afternoon and is supposed to continue overnight & through tomorrow. I'm starting to wonder if Tom will have to go to work this week at all. Hehe.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Lovely Lazy Monday

Day 307

Day 32

Tom's work was canceled on Monday (and will be tomorrow, as well), so we're in the middle of an extra-long weekend. Whee!

This morning, Tom was reading something on the interwebs that included a photo of the J. Edgar Hoover Building. It didn't take much prompting to elicit the following exchange:

That's my boy! Tom spent some more time trying to get Soren to say, "Freeze, dirtbag! FBI!" but somehow it always ended up either sounding like "freeze, bag-bag" or "freeze, backpack" or (once, most humorously) "freeze, diaper bag." Tee hee.

That was about the extent of the excitement for the day. Tom did brave the roads to procure lunch & additional supplies for us, but I didn't even make it out of pjs. Gloriously lazy.

And Eleri's a month old today! I really can't believe it's been that long since her birth, already.

Snowed-in Weekend

Day 305

Day 30
Snow! A fair bit of it! It was quite windy, so the snow did a lot of swirling and not as much sticking as it might have otherwise done. Nevertheless, it snowed more or less all day, so there was rather a lot on the ground by day's end.

Eleri was awake more than usual during the day on Saturday. As a result, she fell asleep much earlier that night, which was nice! Saturday night, while Tom was getting Soren put to bed and Eleri & I were doing our nightime computing in the living room, the power went out. The lights blinked a few times before finally giving up. Ah, timing, right when it was about to get super cold overnight - predicted low of 9F! (I whine about the timing, but it could have been worse. We could have lost power in the middle of dinner prep, or while showering, or just after starting a load of dishes in the dish washer.) We didn't know how long we'd be without power, so Tom gathered up the most perishable of the refrigerables and put them out on the balcony. We kept Soren in our room for the night, the four of us cozy and warm in our big bed.

Luckily, the power was restored around 1am (I know this because I was awake...figures...Eleri goes to sleep at a civilized hour and I'm struck with insomnia), so our drafty apartment didn't get a chance to turn into a complete icebox. I read about other people in the area who were far less fortunate, with their power staying out for 48 hours or more.


Day 306

Day 31

Ever since he heard this story on NPR last month (about the death of announcer Jan Gabriel), Soren's been randomly saying "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" every now and again. It's very funny.

No new snows fell on Sunday, but there was a lot of shoveling and plowing and such. I believe the official snowfall total for the 2 days of storming was 32.6 inches, which surpassed the previous 2-day record of 20-something inches. And it's due to snow yet more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Snowmageddon, indeed.

After being awake for much of the day on Saturday, Eleri must have decided she's not ready for that much excitement in her life, because she spent Sunday in a sleep-eat-sleep-eat-poop-eat-sleep sort of pattern. And was then awake late into the night again. Sigh.

I think Soren's starting to go a wee bit stir-crazy from being stuck indoors for a few days. He's been saying, "Playgroup, [A's name]?" which is adorable, but I feel bad about having to inform him that he's out of luck. Maybe we can get him out to play in the snows in a day or two.

By the way, how do people even have Super Bowl parties on the East Coast? The game didn't even start until 6:30pm! And wasn't over til after 9:00! Who wants to get home late on a Sunday night, stomach a burbling mixture of beer, chicken wings & nachos, only to have to get up early for work on Monday? Weaksauce, says I.

Friday, February 05, 2010

A slightly media-heavy post

Day 304

Day 29

So, it's snowing here. It was a fairly wet snow for most of the day, so there wasn't much in the way of accumulation until this evening. The claim is that we might be getting up to an inch an hour overnight, with a total accumulation of around two feet by tomorrow night. This article puts the snowstorm into context; this is only the third year on record to boast two or more storms with double-digit snowfall. (Interestingly, the previous two instances were also in El Nino years.)

Oh, what's that? You'd like more side-by-side shots of the kiddos wearing the same outfit? You are in luck!

Tom was set free after lunch today (all federal employees got a half-day on account of the snowpocalypse), so I've spent this whole afternoon and evening thinking it's Saturday today. What a lovely surprise when I remembered it is only Friday!

Soren's musical tastes continue to expand as we continue to expose him to more stuff. Well, okay, it's probably a tad early to be talking about musical tastes, as his sample set is still quite small and he hasn't really expressed much in the way of displeasure at the things we've tossed at him. But anyway. My point (and I do have one) is that he's recently added another to the list of songs he requests to have played for him. This one is Pomplamoose's cover of "Single Ladies" (by Beyonce), which I actually quite enjoy. It's funky and quirky and Soren asks for "Wuh-uh-oh" when he wants to hear it, which cracks me up every time.

Speaking of single ladies, the only one in our house has now been in the world for 4 weeks! She's starting to get a little more control over her giant noggin and will even brace her legs out to "stand" in our laps if we hold her upright, instead of just tucking them in close to her wee bum. Still likes to rock & roll all night (and part of every day), though she's been spending a little more time awake during daylight hours.

All right, that's about all I've got for now. Happy weekend, one & all.

See them gaily gad about

Day 303

Day 28

I feel like I spent most of today getting ready for things. By the time I got Soren fed this morning, it was time to get ready to go to playgroup. As soon as we got home from playgroup, it was time to eat a very quick lunch and get ready for naptime. After naps, we had to start getting ready to go to the grocery store. You get the picture.

Playgroup was good, as I've come to expect. Soren ran around, Eleri slept, I socialized. Everybody wins! Amusing playgroup anecdote: Soren, A and another little boy, G, were sitting around with a little tub of goldfish crackers between them. Soren was kind of turned toward me, babbling in that earnest - but completely incoherent - way of his, waving his hands around in a great animated fashion. G, apparently seeing that Soren's hands were busy, took it upon himself to feed Soren a goldfish, but Soren was so wrapped up in his story that he didn't notice at first. So G waited patiently, holding the goldfish right up to Soren's mouth until Soren realized what was going on, opened his mouth to eat the cracker, said, "Thank you," and continued on with his story. It was pretty hilarious.

We're supposed to get a bunch of snow here (like, up to 2 feet) in the next 48 hours. In anticipation, people have been mobbing the grocery stores all day. We have (obviously very tentative) brunch plans with Max & Agnes for Saturday, so we needed some brunchy supplies, and that meant that I had to throw in my lot with the savages at the store this evening. Ugh. My children, fortunately, were reasonably well-behaved (and/or asleep), which is more than I can say for my fellow shoppers. Could've been worse (it could almost always be worse, when large crowds of ill-tempered people are involved), but it still wasn't much fun.

The lass got to wear her bear suit again, though. And I overheard an older gentleman in the line next to ours pointing us out to the lady behind him, saying something about how it looked like I was carrying a teddy bear in my front pack.