Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And then their social calendar started to fill up again

Day 315

Day 40

Soren was so happy to have A over to play on Tuesday. He kept wanting to give his buddy hugs and share his snacks and toys. At one point, the two of them were sitting close together on the floor looking at one of Soren's books, and though it was insanely adorable I failed in my attempt to speedily but stealthily fetch my camera and photograph them before they were off and running again. Ah well.

Tuesday I also decided it was time to ditch the bottle once and for all. (What, I didn't tell you about my out of control drinking problem?) (I kid, of course.) For months and months now, Soren has been drinking water from a sippy cup but milk from a bottle. It's not a huge deal, but he is almost two, so it really is time. It's been a surprisingly difficult transition, though. It's not as though he doesn't have a solid handle on the mechanics of sippy cup usage, but he seems almost offended when we give him milk in one. Milk in a bottle = acceptable. Water in a sippy cup = totally fine. Milk in a sippy cup = horror without measure. Tom rightly pointed out that the bottle is really the only comfort sucking Soren does, since he doesn't use a pacifier or suck on his fingers. So I suppose it's possible there's some unwillingness on his part to give that up. I wonder though if there isn't also some element of "this doesn't belong;" when he's putting away his toys, he's actually remarkably consistent about where he puts things. (Magnets go in the top drawer, blocks in the middle drawer, letter cards in the bottom, books in a pile between the toy drawers and the stuffed animal bin.) He doesn't get it "right" 100% of the time, but it's pretty darned close. Anyway, that makes me wonder if there's a beverage-vessel incongruity that's bothering him, on top of being deprived of his comfort mechanism. We'll just have to keep working at it and see.

Eleri's gaining more control over her head and neck every day. She's also making a lot of facial expressions that seem more social. Maybe not smiling, per se, but definitely engaging with us more. Cute, cute, cute.

We've got playgroup and other gatherings planned for the rest of the week, so that's nice. Good to be out and about after all the snows. :)


Anonymous said...

So cool to see Eleri interacting with her Dad.

Grandpa J

susan said...

I agree :)