Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another weekend, gone too fast

Day 319

Day 44
Saturday started with a bang...followed thereafter by some whimpers. Soren fell off our bed and was a sad, sad boy for much of the morning. He was fine, physically, but he never really settled into the rhythm of the day, or something. He was just kind of out of sorts, poor guy.

Tom took him to the park later in the morning in an attempt to find some snow-free slides. They were more or less successful, though there was still a lot of snow piled high all around. Soren came home talking about "snoo-moos" again. ;)

I finally decided I couldn't stand his unkempt mop of hair anymore and gave his hair a trim in the afternoon. I didn't cut it as short as I have in the past (it is still winter, after all), but it's short enough now that he doesn't look quite so feral. Still acts the part, of course, but at least at first glance you might mistake him for a civilized gentleman.

I caught Eleri air guitaring in her sleep in the afternoon. That was pretty great.


Day 320

Day 45

Sunday morning I went down to the pool for the first time since Eleri was born. (And really, I hadn't been to the lap pool in several months.) It felt good to get some exercise. It felt really good to sit in the hot tub for a few minutes afterward. ;)

Later in the afternoon, Soren & I ventured out to make the weekly Trader Joe's run. It was unusually crowded; took me several laps around the parking lot before I could find a space. This was, of course, not helped by the fact that there are still huge piles of snow hogging valuable parking real estate. Ah well. Soren was a good lad in the store, commenting on the "many drinks" in the wine aisle and "many guys" in the checkout lines. Hehe. He was very happy to receive his customary balloon at the end of the visit.

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