Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful Snowblivion

Day 309

Day 34

It's really looking like Tom's going to be off work all week due to the snow. I believe we got another foot or so, last night & today. Pretty crazy. And next Monday's a holiday! Nothing like a nice, long forced vacation to get you caught up on your reading (Tom's been going through books at the rate of about one a day).

We get some really strong swirly winds between our building and the ones across the street, which results in huge, super-cool snowdevils. (You know, like dust devils.) And several times this morning, the wind was blowing so much that we couldn't even see the buildings across the street for all the snow in the air. I don't use this word often anymore, but "rad" is seeming like the most appropriate adjective to me at the moment. "Frickin' rad," even.

Besides "snow, snow & more snow," I don't really have much of interest to report. Kids are still cute. Soren's still itching to get out & play with his friends. Eleri's still doing lots of eating, sleeping, spitting up, crying, pooping and making of funny faces. I've tried to get some video of her to put up here, but she hasn't wanted to tolerate it for long before getting upset, and I'm sure you're all super excited about the idea of watching a video of her crying. ;) I'll keep working on it.

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