Monday, February 01, 2010

Any time the Dora theme song would like to stop playing in my head, that'd be great

Day 300

Day 25

And now, here's Baby Soren enjoying the same pacifier his sister's got in her picture for today.

Soren's buddy A came over to play today. It was still too cold to go outside, so I'm glad the boys were able to chase each other around the living room and get rid of some excess energy. They're starting to say each others' names, which is really adorable. It's also been neat to watch them, over the past few months, start to do less parallel playing and more cooperative playing. Eleri slept in her crib the entire time A and his mom were here (a good couple of hours) and, naturally, woke up right after they left and it was time to put Soren down for a nap. Ha.

Speaking of Little Miss Eau de Lait Aigre, she had another bath tonight, and it was - remarkably - a scream-free affair this time. On the contrary, she seemed to actually enjoy herself. So that's great. May have just been a fluke, I realize, but I'm hopeful that she'll decide baths aren't so horrible after all.

Tomorrow I think I'll brave playgroup at the library. Social interaction is good! (And not just for Sir!)


MC Squared said...

Is that a French idiom? Water of sour milk becomes ????

Tears from sour milk?

Or is it things that make her sour in disposition?

Water (baths) and milk (bubbly stomach)

susan said...

Well, I was going for a play on eau de toilette. ;)

Tom said...

She smells of sour milk.

MC Squared said...

Got it.

Slow on the uptake is all.