Thursday, February 18, 2010

He's lucky he's so cute

Day 317

Day 42

So, today the playgroup went to the Jerome "Buddie" Ford Nature Center. The kids got to check out some critters (turtles, a guinea pig, an iguana, some birds & some fish, as well as a taxidermied turkey and bear) and run around in a big room for a couple of hours. Soren was...frustrating. He's been really good lately when we've gone to the library, not making nearly so many escape attempts. But today, he was far less interested in the animals than he was in trying to go places he wasn't supposed to be (the bathroom, a couple of offices and closets and, most notably, out the automatic front doors) and play with things he oughtn't (the water fountain and the roped-off aforementioned taxidermy exhibit). When all the other kids were crowded around the guinea pig, Soren was off in the corner, leaning against the glass door to the greenhouse. When we were out in the greenhouse looking at the iguana, he kept climbing behind some potted plants and trying to get up on some stacked chairs. Everywhere we went, he wanted to be somewhere else. He was excited about the fish at first, but quickly became distracted and started messing with the (glass!) shelves underneath the tank, knocking one down but fortunately not breaking it. I was the only mom who had to constantly chase after her kid as he gleefully bolted out the front doors.

I guess it just wasn't interesting enough for him there, or something. With the exception of the water fountain, of course. He could have played with that all day if I'd let him.

We went to the library later in the afternoon (to actually get books, not to play). There were a couple of funny things to relate from that outing. First of all, there was a mom and little girl about Soren's age in the children's section while we were there. The mom had a backpack from Dora the Explorer on her lap (a backpack that looked like Dora's backpack, not a backpack with Dora on it). Soren and another little girl were fascinated and kept pointing excitedly at the backpack and map while saying, "Backpack! Map! Say map!" Soren also was telling the backpack lady all about the sun and the moon and lights, pointing out the window and saying, "Sun! Sun all gone. Sun moon! Sun moon lights!"

Second funny thing - as we were leaving the library, a woman was walking by with her dog. Soren of course pointed and shouted, "Dog!" The dog was kind of freaked out by the lad (clearly doesn't spend a lot of time around kids) but was apparently friendly, as her owner asked if Soren would like to pet the dog. The dog, however, was totally not down with being approached by a tiny human-looking creature and kept backing away. The owner finally told the dog to sit so Soren could get closer. And Soren promptly sat down in the middle of the parking lot. Oh, hilarity.

Other random Soren-related amusement. My reaction when Eleri spits up is (far too) frequently, "Oh goody." Soren has apparently taken the phase to mean spit-up or stain, because now every time Eleri pukes, he says, "Oh goody, sister." And if Tom or I have spots on our shirts, he'll point to them and say, "Oh goody, mom-mom" or "Oh goody, dad-dad" or occasionally "Oh goody, shirt." He's a funny one.

This has been quite the Soren-centric post today. I'll have a six-week progress report on the little lass for tomorrow. ;)


Amy said...

hahahahaha the visual I have of Soren sitting on command is hilarious :)

susan said...

It was definitely one of the funnier things I've seen lately.