Monday, February 22, 2010

Low-key Monday

Day 321

Day 46

Every day Eleri seems to notice her surroundings a little more. Today she seemed especially taken with Soren, even giving him a little grin when he climbed up on the couch beside her. It was pretty great.

The only other particularly noteworthy happening from the day was Soren's attempt to say "helicopter" after we heard one outside. I wish I'd thought to record it, since it was very funny. I'll try to get him to repeat it tomorrow.

Here's a most entertaining webcomic that I found today. Axe Cop is written by a 5 year-old and illustrated by his 29 year-old brother. It's got a "wild little kid imagination" quality that I'm finding particularly amusing. So enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I just love Eleri's tiny grins. She does look smitten with her bro too.

Grandpa J