Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More snoo-moos?

Day 308

Day 33

Tom took Soren out in the snow this morning, hoping to get to a playground. The play area on the grounds of our complex wasn't accessible, what with the two foot snow drifts, so they tried the park that's just outside the rear gate here. Alas, snow plows don't fit on slides, so it was largely a futile effort. But Soren got to expend some energy and came home soaked from the knees down & asking for more "snoo-moos." (Snowballs.)

Eleri had another mostly-awake day, which I'm hoping will mean she'll go to sleep earlier again tonight. She's getting rather proficient at holding up her head (like, even more so today than yesterday), and a few times I've seen her with a distinctly happy look on her face, smiling with her eyes if not quite yet with her mouth. It's like she's starting to become a real person! ;)

It started snowing yet again this afternoon and is supposed to continue overnight & through tomorrow. I'm starting to wonder if Tom will have to go to work this week at all. Hehe.


Amy said...

awww eleri looks terrified

susan said...

Terrified? Nah. Surprised, maybe. ("What in the world did you just put on my head?")