Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ow, my achin' hips

Day 316

Day 41

This morning, in a feat of near super-human speed and efficiency, I managed to get us all dressed and out the door in time to go stroller walking at the mall with playgroup people. Well, for most of the time it was just us and one other mom-daughter pair, and then we caught up with someone else near the end of our walk. But anyway. It was probably the most exercise I've had in a while, and boy were my hips feeling it this afternoon. It was good, though, and hopefully we'll be able to make it a weekly thing. I've also been wanting to get back to swimming on the weekends. It's nice to feel good enough to want to work out; now I just need more hours in the day (or one of those time turner things from the 3rd Harry Potter book).

After the walking, we let the kids out of the strollers so they could blow off some steam. We made our way downstairs to the play area, which was all well and good, but Soren was more interested in running laps around the outside of the play area and trying to go in stores. A couple of times he made a break for the escalator, which was scary, but I never let him get far enough away from me that I couldn't catch him in time. He may be speedy, but I still have longer legs (hey, I have to have longer legs than someone!).

Tomorrow we're going to check out the local nature center. Should be neat!

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