Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Weeks

Day 318

Day 43

"I can't believe she's a week old already!"

"Wow, it's been a month since she was born? I can't believe it!"

"Six weeks old! Unbelievable!"

Um, believe it, Sue. Time passes, babies grow, there should really be nothing unexpected about it. Still, it does seem to be human nature to be continually surprised by the apparent rapidity of the passage of time.

So here we are, more than halfway through February. Eleri has indeed been among us for six weeks now. Our little shankstress continues to prefer keeping college student-type hours (sleep in late, party all night). She does seem to be crying a little less though (or maybe we've just grown accustomed to it). She's a much better traveler in the car than her brother was at this age. She doesn't loathe the pacifier, as Soren did, but neither does she adore it. Her neck muscles are getting stronger by the day, and I'm sure it won't be long now til she starts doing some real social smiling. She loves bathtime, and I'd say 70-80% of her diaper changes are now tear-free events. She does lots of wiggling & squiggling during her awake time these days, exercising her little arms and legs. She's managed to avoid all of the horrible face-rashiness that plagued Soren in his early days, thank goodness, but I think she may be starting to get the first bits of a case of cradle cap.

That's about all I've got to say about the wee lass. We're all quite smitten with her, and it's been fun to watch her little personality start to slowly emerge. It'll be even more fun as she starts interacting more and more with Soren.

In lieu of another YouTube video this week, check out one of the many new videos I just uploaded to Flickr. :)

Opposites, originally uploaded by TurnoftheSue.

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Sara said...

I love the new videos especially the opposites one...I am so impressed!! He's so adorable!