Friday, February 05, 2010

See them gaily gad about

Day 303

Day 28

I feel like I spent most of today getting ready for things. By the time I got Soren fed this morning, it was time to get ready to go to playgroup. As soon as we got home from playgroup, it was time to eat a very quick lunch and get ready for naptime. After naps, we had to start getting ready to go to the grocery store. You get the picture.

Playgroup was good, as I've come to expect. Soren ran around, Eleri slept, I socialized. Everybody wins! Amusing playgroup anecdote: Soren, A and another little boy, G, were sitting around with a little tub of goldfish crackers between them. Soren was kind of turned toward me, babbling in that earnest - but completely incoherent - way of his, waving his hands around in a great animated fashion. G, apparently seeing that Soren's hands were busy, took it upon himself to feed Soren a goldfish, but Soren was so wrapped up in his story that he didn't notice at first. So G waited patiently, holding the goldfish right up to Soren's mouth until Soren realized what was going on, opened his mouth to eat the cracker, said, "Thank you," and continued on with his story. It was pretty hilarious.

We're supposed to get a bunch of snow here (like, up to 2 feet) in the next 48 hours. In anticipation, people have been mobbing the grocery stores all day. We have (obviously very tentative) brunch plans with Max & Agnes for Saturday, so we needed some brunchy supplies, and that meant that I had to throw in my lot with the savages at the store this evening. Ugh. My children, fortunately, were reasonably well-behaved (and/or asleep), which is more than I can say for my fellow shoppers. Could've been worse (it could almost always be worse, when large crowds of ill-tempered people are involved), but it still wasn't much fun.

The lass got to wear her bear suit again, though. And I overheard an older gentleman in the line next to ours pointing us out to the lady behind him, saying something about how it looked like I was carrying a teddy bear in my front pack.


Amy said...

...they love to play and shout, they never have any cares!

MC Squared said...

If you go down to Trader Joe's today, you've been ill advised.
If you go down to Trader Joe's today, you better go with your children in disguise...

For every old coot, that ever there was
will point and hoot for certain because,
Today's the day the citizens prepare for blizzard!

Amy, you'll always be my pancake of inspiration.

susan said...

*applause* Nicely done ;)

Amy said...

hahahahahahaha I totally forgot about pancake! Good times :)