Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snow day

Day 302

Day 27

So, Tuesday night it snowed. Not a ton, but enough to cancel our plans for a morning outing. There's a "Stroller Walk & Talk" thing at the nearby mall once a week (another playgroup thing, but more for us moms, since the stroller-bound kiddos aren't exactly doing much playing). I'd wanted to go before Eleri was born, but they always scheduled it in the middle of Soren's naptime. However, after New Years they switched it to a morning thing, so now we could conceivably attend. I wasn't up for digging out the snow from behind the car this morning, though, so we stayed home. Maybe next week!

By mid-afternoon, it had started to rain a little, so most of the snow was melted by the time the weasels were done napping. We ended up venturing out for an errand, which gave me an excuse to dress the lass in one of her bear suits. Too much cuteness! Soren also looked pretty cute in his hooded sweater and jeans. Such a little man.


Amy said...

What red eyebrows he has!

ml said...

your post made me eat goldfish!