Monday, February 08, 2010

Snowed-in Weekend

Day 305

Day 30
Snow! A fair bit of it! It was quite windy, so the snow did a lot of swirling and not as much sticking as it might have otherwise done. Nevertheless, it snowed more or less all day, so there was rather a lot on the ground by day's end.

Eleri was awake more than usual during the day on Saturday. As a result, she fell asleep much earlier that night, which was nice! Saturday night, while Tom was getting Soren put to bed and Eleri & I were doing our nightime computing in the living room, the power went out. The lights blinked a few times before finally giving up. Ah, timing, right when it was about to get super cold overnight - predicted low of 9F! (I whine about the timing, but it could have been worse. We could have lost power in the middle of dinner prep, or while showering, or just after starting a load of dishes in the dish washer.) We didn't know how long we'd be without power, so Tom gathered up the most perishable of the refrigerables and put them out on the balcony. We kept Soren in our room for the night, the four of us cozy and warm in our big bed.

Luckily, the power was restored around 1am (I know this because I was awake...figures...Eleri goes to sleep at a civilized hour and I'm struck with insomnia), so our drafty apartment didn't get a chance to turn into a complete icebox. I read about other people in the area who were far less fortunate, with their power staying out for 48 hours or more.


Day 306

Day 31

Ever since he heard this story on NPR last month (about the death of announcer Jan Gabriel), Soren's been randomly saying "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" every now and again. It's very funny.

No new snows fell on Sunday, but there was a lot of shoveling and plowing and such. I believe the official snowfall total for the 2 days of storming was 32.6 inches, which surpassed the previous 2-day record of 20-something inches. And it's due to snow yet more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Snowmageddon, indeed.

After being awake for much of the day on Saturday, Eleri must have decided she's not ready for that much excitement in her life, because she spent Sunday in a sleep-eat-sleep-eat-poop-eat-sleep sort of pattern. And was then awake late into the night again. Sigh.

I think Soren's starting to go a wee bit stir-crazy from being stuck indoors for a few days. He's been saying, "Playgroup, [A's name]?" which is adorable, but I feel bad about having to inform him that he's out of luck. Maybe we can get him out to play in the snows in a day or two.

By the way, how do people even have Super Bowl parties on the East Coast? The game didn't even start until 6:30pm! And wasn't over til after 9:00! Who wants to get home late on a Sunday night, stomach a burbling mixture of beer, chicken wings & nachos, only to have to get up early for work on Monday? Weaksauce, says I.


Amy said...

that's why everyone calls in sick the day after...

susan said...

Do they? I'd never really noticed.

Amy said...

i called in sick for was almost more work than actually going to work.