Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teething sucks, but burgers are pretty great


Day 326

Day 51

There wasn't a lot going on during the day on Saturday. Moderately lazy morning, and then we did a little tidying in preparation for having company in the evening. We'd invited A and his parents over for burgers. Tom was the super chef, orchestrating the whole meal (frozen buffalo burgers & sweet potato fries, courtesy of Trader Joe's, and sauteed Brussels sprouts & baby bell peppers, plus grilled onions & all the burger fixings). We had a great time. Poor Soren was still a little feverish and feeling crummy, but he did seem happy to play with A and really only melted down toward the end of the evening as they were getting ready to leave. Eleri (you guessed it) mostly slept, but she did wake up a couple of times to briefly eat and look around a bit.


Day 327

Day 52

Soren's fever finally broke this afternoon, after naptime. He is still very irritable and whiny, though. Not a happy camper, the poor lad. I took advantage of our lack of Sunday plans to catch up on some sleep. It wasn't really intentional; I just kept knocking back out every time I had occasion to lay down. My cold seems to be mostly gone, though, which is quite fortunate. I'm glad it was just a quick one. I did manage to be a little productive today, getting some laundry done and going to swim some laps before dinner.

We watched The Invention of Lying in the evening. It was pretty amusing.

For a while now Eleri's been making little "is she smiling or not?" faces; we couldn't quite tell if the grins were for real. Well tonight she was definitely smiling for real. Tom was brushing her hair (she's got some serious cradle cap starting) and she was just beaming at him. It was unspeakably adorable.


Anonymous said...

Your family is just adorable!

Grandpa J

MC Squared said...

I read today's title as, "Teething sucks, but boogers are pretty great".