Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Turns out it's really not so scary to go places with both of them

Day 301

Day 26

Tuesday morning I did, indeed, brave a trek to playgroup at the library. Soren was very happy to run around with his toddler crew, and Miss Eleri was much fawned over, though she slept in my lap pretty much the whole time. There was another little girl there, born just a couple of weeks before our lass; Eleri outweighed her by a good pound or so, at least. Hehe.

But man, it took me a full hour to get out of the house, between a couple of diaper changes, getting both kids (and myself) clothed, and gathering all the miscellaneous accoutrements we needed to bring along. Plus, while I was in the middle of getting Soren dressed, Eleri woke up and demanded food, so we had to take a nursing break. Note to self for future reference: allow for a lot more prep time to get out the door!

When A was over to play on Monday, he left behind a little tractor toy in Soren's room. I noticed it Monday night and set it aside to bring with us to playgroup on Tuesday so we could return it. So Tuesday, during the epic getting-ready-to-go, I told Soren to go get A's tractor as I was heading back to our bedroom to change Eleri's diaper. I didn't really expect him to fully comprehend what I was asking, or to remember that the toy didn't belong to him, but when I came back into the living room, there was the tractor sitting by our bag, ready to go! I was really quite impressed. That boy knows and understands a lot more than I give him credit for, sometimes (and I give him credit for a lot, these days).

I usually listen to NPR in the car, but lately I've been playing Here Comes Science, which our friends the Cachews were kind enough to give us for Christmas. It's the latest album from the band that sings Turn Around, which Soren likes. I've been enjoying it thoroughly, and it certainly beats all the Dora songs as far as having something stuck in my head is concerned. Chef recommends!

Tuesday night it snowed, and Eleri was a shanking beast, awake until well after 1am again. I do not believe the two are related. Nevertheless, blargh.

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