Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday (and some other stuff)

Day 357

Day 82

< TMI > I got an IUD today. (Not to be confused with a DUI.) That was...about as much fun as you'd expect. Actually, I have to admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, given what has to be shoved through where. And if everything works like it's supposed to, we'll have hormone-free, surgery-free, barrier-free protection against further expansion of our brood for the next decade. So yay for that! < / TMI >

Some friends and I have started a collaborative photo blog. I discovered this other blog, as we see it, a little while ago, and I was so taken with the premise of it that I really wanted to copy it flatter it via imitation. We post our interpretations of a given topic each week, selecting 1 to 4 photos to share. I think it's going to be a lot of fun! You can check it out here.

Tom & I bought a nifty heart rate monitor and data logger to use during our workouts. Geeks that we are, we're pretty excited about the opportunity for data collection. 'Cuz you know, the only thing better than data is...more data!

And once again, our kids are cute. But you knew that. ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bottomless Pit

Day 356

Day 81

After many months of rather lackluster eating, Soren could not seem to get enough today. He had:
  • 2 fruit leathers
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 handfuls* grape tomatoes
  • 2 graham crackers
  • 2 string cheeses
  • 1 peanut butter sandwich
  • 1 blueberry yogurt
  • 1 handful* Cheerios
  • 1 (small, snack-size) box raisins
  • 1 apple
  • 1 (small) piece pizza

*Those are Mom-sized handfuls, not Soren-sized handfuls.

He also was not even the least bit interested in napping today. Well, not until just before dinner. I was changing his diaper, and he started asking me, "Pee? Brush teef? Books?" Hahahaha, not quite, little man. Needless to say, he fell asleep really easily at bedtime, for once.

In today's "nigh unbearably cute" news:
Item 1 - When Soren asks to hold Eleri on the couch, we tell him he has to "make a lap" and get ready for her to sit there. So this morning, he was following Leo around, saying, "Make lap? Make lap?" and trying to sit on the cat. Leo was not in agreement with this plan.

Item 2 - Eleri was sitting in her bouncer chair, and Soren came over to sit on the ground in front of her. Then he took her blanket, put it over his head, and started playing peekaboo with her. And she was fascinated, grinning and squiggling and cooing. That I was too slow to get the camera out and get some video before he stopped is a sad thing, indeed.

Let's go (watch other people) fly a kite! And then do some chores!


Day 354

Day 79

Saturday was the Smithsonian Kite Festival on the National Mall. We thought Soren might get a kick out of all the crazy flying things, so we thought it would probably be worth battling the crowds to head on down there. We invited Chris and Sarah to join us, and they kindly did. And, also kindly, they did not give us a hard time about our (almost inevitable, between the two wee ones and the slow-moving herds at the Metro stations) tardiness.

It was a fairly chilly day, though not especially windy. [Insert obligatory joke about trouble "getting it up" here.] It was windy enough, however, and there were lots and lots of kite fliers in attendance. This made for somewhat treacherous conditions at times, and it was a minor miracle that none of us was clotheslined or divebombed.

We timed our arrival to approximately coincide with the start of the "Hot Tricks" competition, which was set to punk rock-ish music as though they were attempting to emulate Tony Hawk Pro Skater. They even had all sorts of goofy trick names ("Oh! There's a Helicopter Stall followed by a Jacob's Ladder!"). It was like the X-Games for nerds. (Not really. But kind of.) Alas, there are really only so many cool things you can do with a kite, and I suspect it's one of those things that's a lot more fun to actually do than to watch, so we didn't stick around for the whole competition.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of other interesting things to see. Kites of all sizes, shapes, colors, and varieties! Parasailers! Crazy pamphlet-wielding doomsayers! (The end is coming, by the way, on May 11th of next year. One pamphleteer was saying, "Please, take one. You don't want to miss this." Sarah remarked that she wasn't sure whether he was trying to warn us about the coming Apocalypse or lure us into a strip club.) I think Soren's absolute favorite thing of the whole day, though, was the bubble man.

There was a guy operating a complicated bubble blowing contraption on a rolling cart. There was a little pot of soap, and a hoop & stick attached to a lever. At the other end of the lever was a string, held by the bubble man, and used to lower the hoop into the soap and raise it up again. At this point he would use a bellows, also attached to the cart, to blow bubbles, much to the delight of all the children present. The funny, and slightly creepy, thing was the complete lack of expression on the bubble man's face. Here are all these little kids frolicking around him in glee and wonderment, and his face is completely impassive. At one point he heaved a large, cheeks-puffed-full-of-air sigh. Dude, perhaps being the operator of the bubble cart was not your calling after all.

(In his defense, I'm pretty sure the cart bore the shield of one of the kite clubs, so it's entirely possible he really didn't want to be the bubble man but just drew the short straw that day. Still. You can't even crack a smile?)

If you look closely at the photo above, you'll note that our little hippy had rejected both his shoes and his socks, in spite of the fact that it was about 50 degrees out. We didn't let him run around barefooted for long, though, and he made his displeasure known when we made him cover up his feet again. Little goof. He was, overall, very well behaved on our outing. He was great on the train, sitting quietly and making cute little conversation. Not at all like our first family trip on the Metro almost a year ago, thank goodness! Eleri (surprise!) fell asleep on the train ride into the city and didn't wake up again until we were almost to the car on our way home. Granted, we were only out for a couple of hours, so it's not as though she slept through a whole day of excitement.


Day 355

Day 80

Sunday was chore day, as usual. We pulled the Bumbo seat down from the closet for Eleri, since she's almost strong enough to use it. Currently, her head is still a little to heavy and her neck a little too weak; she can hold herself upright for about a minute, and then the weight of her head starts to pull her upper body sideways, and soon she's listing in the seat. Hehe. She'll get there, though! She spent a bunch of time this weekend rolling back & forth on our bed. Well, she's still only rolling from tummy to back, but previously she'd only been rolling to the left, and this weekend she was rolling to the right as well. She'd flip over, I'd return her to her stomach, and then she'd roll the other way. She's getting pretty good at it.

Soren, of course, had to commandeer the Bumbo immediately. I fully expected him to get stuck when he sat down in it, but he's such a string bean that he was able to easily stand back up. It's funny how he's all interested in these baby toys again, long after he decided they were boring. I guess anything "new again" is exciting. ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super cres at best!

Day 353

Day 78

I'm beginning to think there's more to learning colors than strictly rote memorization. Soren's been fairly consistent in his ability to quickly pick up the names of new objects, but we've been trying to teach him colors for a while now, and they just don't seem to be sticking in his brain like everything else. Now, don't misunderstand me. This is not some sort of SWIPL handwringing on my part about what a tragedy it is that my not yet two year-old doesn't know his colors! Nor do I actually worry that he might genuinely be colorblind. (He doesn't, after all, simply mix up low contrast color pairs. He'll point at something black and proclaim it, "Yellow!") This is just me saying, "Hmm. It sure seems like there's some sort of brain training associated with recognizing colors, above and beyond simple memorization." So I've been thinking a little about that and wondering how babies and wee tykes physically see the world.

(I realize that it's almost certainly a mistake to have written the above without first doing even a cursory search into the topic. Someone - *cough*Tomand/orMCsquared*cough* - will no doubt point me to scores of studies dealing with the very subject of color acquisition. I accept this risk.)

It occurred to me, this week, that I'd neglected to properly introduce Soren to Sifl and Olly, so I made a point to correct my error. As a result, we've got some crescent freshness on tap for our Friday video recommendation.

Friday, March 26, 2010

She's mighty mighty

Day 352

Day 77

Thursday was Eleri's two-month checkup at the doctor. (Yes, she's two and a half months old now, but our pediatrician is apparently a popular guy.) She's growing like a champ, 97th percentile each in height, weight and head circumference (24.25", 13 lbs 12.8 oz, and 16.25", respectively). When I told the doc she's managed to roll from front to back a few times, he was impressed, and of course told me to make sure no one leaves her unattended on a high surface (no, really?).

She had her first round of shots, which was hard of course but (sorry Eleri!) not as completely gut wrenching as when Soren got vaccinated for the first time. It was both fortunate and not that she was very hungry by the end of the appointment, and then the nurse took a freaking coon's age to come back in with the immunizations, so she was already pretty upset before the stabbing even began. But then she got to have a nice, long nurse immediately after and forgot all of her troubles. She seemed to tolerate everything well, too, not running a fever or acting in any way other than her usual, cheerful self by the time we got home. So all around, I'd say it was a good day!

Moah Walla...Peece?!

Day 351

Day 76

We've been working with Soren for a while on saying "please" and "thank you." He's definitely got the idea down, now, but he still needs a fair bit of prompting. Few things make me feel more like a Mom than asking my kid, "Now what do you say?" (To which he replies, "Say thank you!")

Wednesday morning we did our weekly walk at the mall. Afterward, I decided to be brave and give the boy another shot at playing in the play area there. He did a little better than last time, but it was still only a matter of time before I had to chase him away from the escalators. Oh well! I was envious of the mom next to me, calmly telling her (nearly three year-old) daughter, "Okay, would you like to hear the rules? Here are the rules. You have to finish your milk before you can play. You have to stay on the carpet. And you have to take your shoes off. Deal?" And then they shook on it, and the little girl stuck to the deal! (Modulo a couple of occasions whereupon she ventured briefly off the carpet to ask her mom something.) Man, I hope nearly-three is as kind to us.

Redesign Time

Blogger just introduced a bunch of new functionality to their template designer, so expect things to look a little different around here for a few days until I settle on a new look.

I know I'm behind a couple of days on posts, but the pictures for the last 2 days are up on Flickr, ifyou just can't wait for your daily cuteness fix. I'll get caught up with the rest of it soon :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Day 350

Day 75

This morning A came over to play. It was not as warm today, but drier than yesterday, so we took the boys to the playground outside for a little while. There was gallivanting and much employment of the slides and swings. I put Soren's new shirt on him and even got him to say "Chewbacca" a few times.

A little while back, my sister picked up a copy of the preschool-level Hooked on Phonics kit for Soren. It arrived in the mail yesterday (thanks!) and we opened it up today to take a look. Soren's comments upon opening the box: "Pretty awesome!" and "Very cool." I'm not kidding. That kid's hilarious.

Also in the category of "Soren says the darndest things," he was pretty enthusiastically chatting people up in the elevator today. Specifically, he was leading off with, "Hi, you!" and then proceeding to point and name the articles of clothing people had on ("Jacket! Hat! Pants! Shirt!"). He did this on at least two, possibly three, elevator rides. Very funny.

It was brisk and breezy when we took our after dinner walk. It'll be nice as it continues to get just a tad warmer, but I'm happy for the family time, either way.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Falling on my head like a memory

Day 349

Day 74

We didn't let the rain stop us from venturing out into the world today. Out through the downpour to Target where, among other necessities, I found an awesome Chewbacca shirt for Soren. I was way amused.

After lunch and a complete nap fail (I sat next to Soren's bed for an hour while he jabbered and squirmed), we headed back out for some items I'd forgotten to get earlier. (Oh, Mommy brain...) As we were leaving the store, Soren made a solid effort to say goodbye to everyone we passed, repeating himself as necessary until he got responses. (Tom said that when they were at the store yesterday, he told the cashier, "Bye lady! Love you!" Hehehe.)

Eleri is more and more fascinated by her fists. It's pretty great. Makes for some amusing photographs, at any rate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has sprung


Day 347

Day 72

It has definitely started feeling like Spring around here. The flowers are starting to bloom, and the weather's been warm and nice. It's great to be able to spend more time outside! We've got to take advantage and enjoy it while we can, before it starts getting hot and muggy.

While I went out to get my hair cut on Saturday morning, Tom took the kids for a nice, long walk outside. After lunch and what could maybe be interpreted as a nap (Soren didn't want to sleep for very long at all, and Eleri only dozed for about 15 minutes, if that), I headed over to swim, and the 3 of them went to the playground. After all the running around & fresh air, I can't believe Soren didn't sleep better.

I decided I'd start keeping track of the books I read this year, just for fun. I added a link to the top of the page (Read in 2010), so you can check that out if you like. Though I won't be surprised if I get embarrassed by how slowly I'm getting through books and take the link down halfway through the year. ;)


Day 348

Day 73

Chore day. Tom & Soren went out to do the grocering, while Eleri napped and I did some laundry and filing. Exciting! When the boys got home, they brought with them a balloon from Trader Joe's. Eleri was very intrigued. I put the balloon string in her hand, though I'm pretty sure she can't yet understand about holding things and having control over her fists, but she seemed to really enjoy watching the balloon bob and bounce when she waved her arm around.

Soren's still communicating primarily in single words and short phrases, but occasionally he'll get the whole subject-verb-predicate thing arranged and spew out a reasonably coherent sentence. Yesterday, Tom put Eleri up on his shoulders, at which point the lass started gnawing on his hair (as babies are wont to do). Soren pointed and said, "Girl-o eats hair!" Hehe. Girl-o eats hair! Film at eleven!

This evening, we had our first after dinner family walk of the year. It was so pleasant and breezy. Naturally, after all of the lovely weather this weekend, it's supposed to rain for the next few days. Ah well. I actually (still) really like that about living here. Variety is nice!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Down in the park

Day 346

Day 71

We took advantage of the lovely, sunny morning to go check out a new (to us) park. Soren got to ride a seesaw for the first time and thought it was pretty great. I remembered hats for both the kids, and for myself, so there was no burnination.

For lunch, we went to a French cafe called Fontaine, where we ate some delicious crepes. Well, A and his mom and I ate crepes. Eleri had some milk, and Soren had one bite of his crepe (with peanut butter & strawberry jam!) before deciding he didn't want it. More tastiness for me, then! For myself, I ordered one with spinach & feta cheese, and it was really, really good. We will definitely be going back there.

For this week's music video recommendation, some more Pomplamoose. This time it's a cover of Mrs. Robinson. (Soren calls it "Hey Hey")

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a lot to say, today

Day 345

Day 70

Another laid-back morning, and then we wandered over to the on-site play area after naptime. I brought my camera (and remembered a hat for Eleri). There were quite a few kids out today, playing and running amok.

I think Soren's well enough for an outing tomorrow, so we'll meet up with A and his mom to check out a park in Old Town and grab some lunch. Should be fun!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lay low, y'all

Day 344

Day 69

Soren came down with a bit of bad belly yesterday afternoon, so we took it easy today. Mostly we stuck around the apartment, though we did go for a quick walk after naptime, since it was far too nice a day to not get outside at all.

Yesterday, we introduced Eleri to the bouncy chair's little toy bar (I'd kind of forgotten about it and left it in the closet all this time). She looks at it with the same, slightly bug-eyed intensity that Soren did at first. Hehe.

(Her hair's quite a bit wilder than his was, though.)

Soren seemed to be on the mend by this evening, so though we'll probably stay home tomorrow as a precaution, we might be out & about again by Friday.

Tom filled out our census form today. Have you filled out your census form yet?

Opponents beware!

Day 343

Day 68

So, Tuesday we went to River Farm, a sprawling manor inhabited at one point by Mr. George Washington. There's a neat little children's garden behind the house, free and open to the public, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed on over. Soren ran & played for a good couple of hours. The grass was a little mucky from the recent rains, but the weather on Tuesday was sunny and nice. (Probably a little too sunny and nice; Eleri ended up with a little patch of sunburn across one cheek and one side of her nose. Oops.) The children's garden was pretty cool, with a little play house (pictured above), a boat, a gazebo, several flower beds, and a little vegetable patch. A word of warning though...there's also a very steep embankment along the back side of the garden, completely lacking any sort of barrier to keep little escapees from tumbling right over the side! So that was a little scary. Especially since the toddler modus operandi is frequently to go running headlong with a big ol' grin, failing entirely to look in the direction they're headed. Fortunately, we didn't lose anyone over the side.

It's hard to walk around the former home of George Washington and not want to sing this song:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Messy Monday

Day 342

Day 67

'Twas a day of messes. After the cats ate breakfast, Leo puked about half of his back up. Whee. Nothing like a big pile of cat vomit to start the week off right!

At lunchtime, Soren was eating a yogurt all by himself, and I was about to update my Facebook status with something along the lines of how impressed I was that he's figured out how to feed himself yogurt without making an enormous mess. Then I looked over and was greeted with the scene pictured at the top of this post. Yeah, so much for that!

It was still kind of drizzly and brisk today, but as it wasn't actively raining in the afternoon, I took the kids outside after naptime so Soren could run around at the little playground here. Run around he did, indeed. He also busied himself for a while picking up wet sand and tossing it in a puddle to make the water ripple. He splashed in puddles and sat down on the wet grass. Remarkably, the lined track pants I'd put on him stayed almost completely dry on the inside.

Tomorrow, if the weather is agreeable, we'll finally get to go check out River Farm (where George Washington once lived). Should be neat!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning


Day 340

Day 65

Eleri doesn't have a wide range of sounds in her vocal repertoire just yet, but one of the things we parrot back to her rather frequently is "Goo." Saturday morning, Soren was holding Eleri in his lap, and he leaned down close to her face and said "Goo! Goo!" So damned cute.

Most of the time, Eleri wakes up quite differently from how Soren did as an infant. If she's napping in her crib and I'm out in the living room, it takes a little while for her to work up to any readily audible cries. Usually I'll hear just a little squeak or mumble, and I won't be sure if I'm hearing her or not, so I'll go back to check. And I'll find her squiggling around quietly, looking this way and that, more or less content with her situation. When she gets hungry in the middle of the night, I have to be pretty deeply asleep to miss her initial quiet grumbles and for her to instead escalate to actual crying. It's an interesting change from Mr. Insta-Pissed. ;) She makes up for it with her fits over the belly bubbles almost every night, though.

Also on Saturday, we rented a steam cleaner for cleaning up the carpet in the living room. While Tom did that, the kiddos and I ventured out in the rain to do the weekly grocering. Eleri was in one of her bear suits, which usually attracts attention when we're out and about. In Trader Joe's, an older lady stopped me to ooh and ahh over the cuteness extravaganza, and she struck up a conversation. She asked, since we've got a boy and a girl, if we were done having kids after this. I replied that, yes, we probably were. She then told me that had been her plan as well, but when her son was 15 months old, she gave birth to twin daughters. Not long after, she "kicked her husband to the curb," raising all three kids by herself! I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult that would be. I shudder at the very thought.


Day 341

Day 66

More cleaning and organizing was on the agenda for today. Chief among the requisite chores was finally taking down our wondertree. Yes. It's mid-March and we still had our Christmas tree up. In our defense, it was still green and fragrant and barely dried out at all. Possibly the combined effects of being outside and enduring several serious freezes (cryogenic preservation?) kept it so fresh for so long. Still, enough was enough.

Frequently, when Eleri cries, Soren parrots what he hears us say so often - "It's okay, Eleri." When Tom was in the midst of crushing the tree's branches so it would fit into the garbage bags, Soren piped up, "It's okay, tree!" Even though he said it cheerfully and didn't seem upset about the tree's plight, it was kind of heartbreaking.

After dinner, Tom took Soren for a walk outside in the stroller. The lad slept rather badly Saturday night and didn't get much of a nap today, so he ended up passing out in the middle of the walk. It's the first time he's fallen asleep in the stroller for quite a while.

At bedtime, I had both the kids temporarily for the pre-bed reading of books. Soren made a point of holding up the first book so that Eleri (who was lying down on the bed in front of him) could see. It was very, very sweet.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

O Friday, my Friday!

Day 339

Day 64

It almost seems like Soren's spoon and fork proficiency has improved tremendously just in the last couple of days. Like something just clicked, and he gets it now. It's pretty cool.

I've made it through three weeks of exercising on a regular basis again. Tom & I have been alternating evenings, going down to the gym/pool before dinner. Well, just the gym for Tom, but I'm not ready for 100% high-impact exercise just yet, so I'm trading between swimming and circuit training. It's really nice to have even just half an hour of "me time" every other day, being able to hang up the mommy hat for a little while. As an added bonus, I usually get an excited "Mommy!" when I walk back in the door; it's nice that Soren's happy to see me even after we've (sometimes) been at odds all day long.

Lots of cleaning and organizing to do this weekend. It rained all day Friday, and is expected to continue to do so through Monday, so we probably won't be out and about too much.

Here's another wacky music video from They Might Be Giants. Soren does a funny little dance to this one, sometimes.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good friend, good brother

Day 338 / Day 63

Thursday we had A over to play. The guys hadn't seen each other all week, so A was bombarded with hugs from Soren as a result. Our lad's a demonstrative one.

He's also a hazard to himself, sometimes. Poor little Sir bashed his forehead on the coffee table, scraped his back by falling backward against his toy drawers, and managed to inflict some sort of mystery wound on his nose.

Hardly a day goes by without Soren asking to hold Eleri or wanting to give her hugs. He's very sweet with her and (most of the time) she loves the attention.

At least the pictures are cute

Day 337

Day 62

Wednesday was another nice, warm day. We did our mall walking in the morning, then didn't do much of note for the rest of the day.

I really have to stop falling behind on these posts; 24 or 48 hours on, I can't remember much of interest to share. Darn that mommy brain.

Catching up again

Day 336

Day 61

On Tuesday, the temperature outside officially graduated from "not cold" to "warm." We had a morning playdate over at someone's house, so Soren got to run around in their backyard for a while. It was so nice out that I drove with my window down on the way back home.

Eleri's getting so smiley and interactive. Tom & I both think she's hit this phase earlier than Soren did. She's also pretty interested in her fists right now, sometimes staring at them until she goes cross-eyed and then slowly bringing them in for a taste. It's very funny.

Tuesday night, Tom had a work dinner, so I was on my own for the first time with both kids at bedtime. Soren, who has been pretty good about dinner for a while, had a complete and total meltdown at dinnertime, which was about as much fun as you can imagine. Then Eleri was awake when it was time to put the boy to bed, and though she was actually very good and quiet, I think she was enough of a distraction that Soren just would not go to sleep. I was very relieved when Tom finally got home and sincerely hope he doesn't have to go out of town for any overnight trips anytime soon!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Two months old!

Day 335

Day 60

Yesterday, Soren turned 23 months old, an occasion marked with basically no fanfare. But today, Eleri is two months old, and that feels like a much bigger deal. Obviously this is due to the fact that, at this younger age, changes from one month to the next are much more pronounced. The biggest changes in Soren from month to month right now are in the area of vocabulary; it almost seems like the growth there is exponential these days. But for Eleri, a lot has changed in the past month. For example, she can now hold her head up fairly competently, and she makes a lot more varied vocalizations than she did before, and she can do this:

(She's still working on it, clearly. Hehe.)

This morning we made a run to Target to pick up a filing cabinet. One of my goals for the month is to finally get all our miscellaneous paperwork in some semblance of order. (Currently it's split between a couple of boxes, several drawers, and two or three piles.) After we returned home, I got the kids napping and set to work marinating the flank steak for tonight's dinner. Soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and a wee bit of honey. The steak was later grilled up on the Foreman grill, along with some onions, and we ate it with sauteed Brussels sprouts. Super yum.

After naps, we walked over to the playground, where Soren did about five minutes of playing before we had to return home and change a diaper. Sigh. (And no, it wasn't Eleri's.) Once back in the apartment and cleaned up, Soren wanted a snack, and then Eleri wanted a snack, and then Eleri needed her diaper changed, so we didn't end up making it back outside before it was time to start making dinner. Pity, because it was quite nice out, today. Fortunately, the warmer weather is due to continue for the rest of the week.

Hilarious occurrence of the evening: Eleri was in her bouncer, and Soren came over, kneeled beside her, lifted up his shirt and offered his nipples, saying, "Ellie milks?" I just about keeled over from the cuteness of it all.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shamrocks and Sushi and Sunshine, Oh My!


Day 333

Day 58

On Saturday, the Ballyshaners of Alexandria put on a St. Patrick's Day parade in Old Town. (Never mind that St. Patty's Day isn't actually until the 17th. 'Tis but a minor detail.) Anyway, we're not really parade enthusiasts, but one of the pre-parade activities was a "Fun Dog Show," which featured local residents and their dogs and - true to its name - consisted of fun categories for judging. Dogs competed for best tail wag, most unusual markings, most unusual tail, biggest feet, best Irish costume, and dog & owner with the most similar hair. A's mom told me about the parade and festivities, and I agreed that the kids would probably get a kick out of seeing all the dogs, so we all went down to check it out. Unfortunately, it was really crowded, and the dog show itself was held on a tiny stage surrounded by onlookers, so it was hard to actually see anything. But the courtyard was full of people and their dogs milling about, so there were more than enough dogs to see and pet.

Afterward, we all took a walk down to the waterfront and then to a sushi restaurant for lunch. We haven't had sushi since we moved here (with the exception of veggie rolls from the grocery store, which doesn't really count) so it was a nice treat. The parade had started up while we were lunching, so we caught a little bit of it when we walked along the parade route back to our car. I was struck by the kind of odd mish-mash of groups participating. They were various groups from the community, of course, but in addition to the rather expected bagpipe band and cub scout troop, there were Bolivian dancers and (this cracked me up) a University of Notre Dame Alumni Band. Bunch of middle-aged band nerds reliving the glory days. I was struck by the fact that, for one thing, there are enough alums of the UND band living in Alexandria (and, likely, the surrounding area) to form a group. It also occurred to me that there probably aren't a whole lot of opportunities for them to play publicly. Community parade, sure, but what else? Is this their big, exciting event of the year? Do they just get together on weekends and march around a park for practice?

We headed home right around Soren's naptime, so he ended up passing out in the car. He'd done a lot of walking and was pretty darned tired!


Day 334 / Day 59

Eleri & I went out for erranding in the late morning while Tom & Soren went to the playground. It was chilly & breezy when we left, but while we were out it warmed up considerably! It was in the mid-50s by the time we got home, which was a pretty nice change.

After lunch, while Soren napped, I was sorting some laundry and was letting Eleri have some tummy time on our bed. She managed to roll over from her front to her back, twice! I don't remember Soren rolling over this early, and his first rolls were back-to-front. Interesting little difference between the kiddos.

Little else of interest on the day. Did chores, swam some laps, currently steeling ourselves for the week ahead. Little lass has finally dropped off to sleep, so I'm heading to hit the sack, myself. Good night, all!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Day 332

Day 57

Today was A's birthday, so we met him & his mom at a park near their house. Poor Soren got twisted around on the slide and ended up face-planting in the muddy mulch off the end. He started out fine, but his foot got caught as he was going around the curve of the slide, and somehow that flipped him backward and then he rolled onto his belly just as he flew off at the bottom. He was very startled! Covered with mud on half his face. But uninjured. He kept trying to go all Fugitive into the nearby woods, but M and I took turns herding him back. Fortunately the park is set back enough from the road that we didn't have to worry about him bolting into traffic. Seriously though, it's a lot easier when the playgrounds are fenced.

Eleri received a super cute pilgrim-style hat in the mail today from my buddy Megan. Adorable!

This week, Soren watched a lot of They Might Be Giants music videos. He loves those guys. I could post Soren-approved TMBG videos every week for the next few months. But today I introduced him to Weezer, so we'll switch it up this week.