Friday, March 12, 2010

Catching up again

Day 336

Day 61

On Tuesday, the temperature outside officially graduated from "not cold" to "warm." We had a morning playdate over at someone's house, so Soren got to run around in their backyard for a while. It was so nice out that I drove with my window down on the way back home.

Eleri's getting so smiley and interactive. Tom & I both think she's hit this phase earlier than Soren did. She's also pretty interested in her fists right now, sometimes staring at them until she goes cross-eyed and then slowly bringing them in for a taste. It's very funny.

Tuesday night, Tom had a work dinner, so I was on my own for the first time with both kids at bedtime. Soren, who has been pretty good about dinner for a while, had a complete and total meltdown at dinnertime, which was about as much fun as you can imagine. Then Eleri was awake when it was time to put the boy to bed, and though she was actually very good and quiet, I think she was enough of a distraction that Soren just would not go to sleep. I was very relieved when Tom finally got home and sincerely hope he doesn't have to go out of town for any overnight trips anytime soon!

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