Thursday, March 04, 2010

Double your fun

A mid-week double post! Can you feel the excitement?


Day 330

Day 55

Wednesday was neither here nor there, really. Not especially difficult or exciting. We went a-walking at the mall in the morning, then hit the grocery store on the way home. Naps, tasty steak and roasted sweet potatoes for dinner. Toddler meltdowns, baby coos - fortunately no baby coups - fairly late night when Eleri didn't feel like going to sleep at a civilized hour.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


Day 331

Day 56

Today was trying. At the library, Soren reverted to his "make a break for it every couple of minutes" behavior, even going so far as to use a library cart as a battering ram to get out the door. Sigh. Lunch was a fight, naptime was a fight (albeit a very brief one because he passed right the hell out as soon as I got him to hold still), and he didn't want to eat much of anything at dinner. I finally located the offending molar (upper right) that's to blame for the bulk of his grumpiness, but it's just barely poking through the gums at this point, so I suspect we've got a while yet before everything settles back down. He and Tom had some fun games in the evening, and he's been falling asleep more easily at night, so it's not all bad.


Amy said...

nice table

MC Squared said...

I would like some commentary on how the shooting at the pentagon affected the family, if at all.

Was concerned for Tom until the news reported everyone was OK except the shooter.