Friday, March 19, 2010

Down in the park

Day 346

Day 71

We took advantage of the lovely, sunny morning to go check out a new (to us) park. Soren got to ride a seesaw for the first time and thought it was pretty great. I remembered hats for both the kids, and for myself, so there was no burnination.

For lunch, we went to a French cafe called Fontaine, where we ate some delicious crepes. Well, A and his mom and I ate crepes. Eleri had some milk, and Soren had one bite of his crepe (with peanut butter & strawberry jam!) before deciding he didn't want it. More tastiness for me, then! For myself, I ordered one with spinach & feta cheese, and it was really, really good. We will definitely be going back there.

For this week's music video recommendation, some more Pomplamoose. This time it's a cover of Mrs. Robinson. (Soren calls it "Hey Hey")


MC Squared said...

Their excessive use of vocal layering on her tracks, leads me to believe she can't sound good without such trickery. It's the same technique employed by other artists I hold little admiration of, like Taylor Swift.

However, Taylor illustrates nicely that needing vocal layering to sound great, doesn't mean you can't win a Grammy though. Best of luck to them, at least they are sincere.

MC Squared said...

P.S. Your kids are adorable. =)

MC Squared said...

The picture of Soren with the power meter in the background started me thinking...

Why don't we hook up all the play yard equipment to the power grid. Swings, seesaws, carousels, and those child-size hamster wheels could all generate free energy for our country.

Someone call Obama, we have the energy crisis solution.

susan said...

Re: Pomplamoose, I understand what you mean but am not sure I agree, in this case. At the beginning of Mrs. Robinson, there's no layering, and it's not as though she can't carry the tune. I suppose you could say her voice doesn't have a ton of body, but for the most part, I think the vocal (and instrumental) layering is just part of their schtick. One-man-band style. I guess the true test, as with any musical artist, would be live performance. I'll look around for such a recording. I'm not sure if they actually perform live or are just on the interwebs.

Re: energy generating playground equipment, I wonder what it would take to implement such a thing. Surely there are at least some communities that would be interested in something like that to help promote an image of sustainability and such.

MC Squared said...

Re: Pomp
Well I'm probably the last one that should be criticizing, but if she has a greater vocal range, I'd like to hear it. The band is very lovable, but I'd generally rather listen to other female artists like Fiona Apple, Pink Martini, etc.

Re: Energy
At the very least, an engineering grad student in a rush to find a thesis.

Tom said...

Range: listen to their version of "Favorite Things?"