Monday, March 22, 2010

Falling on my head like a memory

Day 349

Day 74

We didn't let the rain stop us from venturing out into the world today. Out through the downpour to Target where, among other necessities, I found an awesome Chewbacca shirt for Soren. I was way amused.

After lunch and a complete nap fail (I sat next to Soren's bed for an hour while he jabbered and squirmed), we headed back out for some items I'd forgotten to get earlier. (Oh, Mommy brain...) As we were leaving the store, Soren made a solid effort to say goodbye to everyone we passed, repeating himself as necessary until he got responses. (Tom said that when they were at the store yesterday, he told the cashier, "Bye lady! Love you!" Hehehe.)

Eleri is more and more fascinated by her fists. It's pretty great. Makes for some amusing photographs, at any rate.


Isabella Aria Henry said...

UGH! I totally feel you on "nap fail" days!

susan said...

Seriously. So not fun!