Monday, March 15, 2010

Messy Monday

Day 342

Day 67

'Twas a day of messes. After the cats ate breakfast, Leo puked about half of his back up. Whee. Nothing like a big pile of cat vomit to start the week off right!

At lunchtime, Soren was eating a yogurt all by himself, and I was about to update my Facebook status with something along the lines of how impressed I was that he's figured out how to feed himself yogurt without making an enormous mess. Then I looked over and was greeted with the scene pictured at the top of this post. Yeah, so much for that!

It was still kind of drizzly and brisk today, but as it wasn't actively raining in the afternoon, I took the kids outside after naptime so Soren could run around at the little playground here. Run around he did, indeed. He also busied himself for a while picking up wet sand and tossing it in a puddle to make the water ripple. He splashed in puddles and sat down on the wet grass. Remarkably, the lined track pants I'd put on him stayed almost completely dry on the inside.

Tomorrow, if the weather is agreeable, we'll finally get to go check out River Farm (where George Washington once lived). Should be neat!

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