Saturday, March 13, 2010

O Friday, my Friday!

Day 339

Day 64

It almost seems like Soren's spoon and fork proficiency has improved tremendously just in the last couple of days. Like something just clicked, and he gets it now. It's pretty cool.

I've made it through three weeks of exercising on a regular basis again. Tom & I have been alternating evenings, going down to the gym/pool before dinner. Well, just the gym for Tom, but I'm not ready for 100% high-impact exercise just yet, so I'm trading between swimming and circuit training. It's really nice to have even just half an hour of "me time" every other day, being able to hang up the mommy hat for a little while. As an added bonus, I usually get an excited "Mommy!" when I walk back in the door; it's nice that Soren's happy to see me even after we've (sometimes) been at odds all day long.

Lots of cleaning and organizing to do this weekend. It rained all day Friday, and is expected to continue to do so through Monday, so we probably won't be out and about too much.

Here's another wacky music video from They Might Be Giants. Soren does a funny little dance to this one, sometimes.

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