Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Opponents beware!

Day 343

Day 68

So, Tuesday we went to River Farm, a sprawling manor inhabited at one point by Mr. George Washington. There's a neat little children's garden behind the house, free and open to the public, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed on over. Soren ran & played for a good couple of hours. The grass was a little mucky from the recent rains, but the weather on Tuesday was sunny and nice. (Probably a little too sunny and nice; Eleri ended up with a little patch of sunburn across one cheek and one side of her nose. Oops.) The children's garden was pretty cool, with a little play house (pictured above), a boat, a gazebo, several flower beds, and a little vegetable patch. A word of warning though...there's also a very steep embankment along the back side of the garden, completely lacking any sort of barrier to keep little escapees from tumbling right over the side! So that was a little scary. Especially since the toddler modus operandi is frequently to go running headlong with a big ol' grin, failing entirely to look in the direction they're headed. Fortunately, we didn't lose anyone over the side.

It's hard to walk around the former home of George Washington and not want to sing this song:

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Tom said...

He'll save the children (but not the British childresn).