Friday, March 26, 2010

Redesign Time

Blogger just introduced a bunch of new functionality to their template designer, so expect things to look a little different around here for a few days until I settle on a new look.

I know I'm behind a couple of days on posts, but the pictures for the last 2 days are up on Flickr, ifyou just can't wait for your daily cuteness fix. I'll get caught up with the rest of it soon :)


MC Squared said...

Redesign looks sweet. How new are these options? I'm going to have to play around with them.

Anything you want to try with the side-project?

susan said...

I just got the email announcement from Blogger this morning, so, pretty new! I haven't explored them much yet, but I'm sure there will be options that will be useful for the side project. :)

MC Squared said...

Looks like they are rolling it out in phases, but it's been available since the beginning of march if you use


One of the "Simple" templates looked like it might be nice for the side project.