Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shamrocks and Sushi and Sunshine, Oh My!


Day 333

Day 58

On Saturday, the Ballyshaners of Alexandria put on a St. Patrick's Day parade in Old Town. (Never mind that St. Patty's Day isn't actually until the 17th. 'Tis but a minor detail.) Anyway, we're not really parade enthusiasts, but one of the pre-parade activities was a "Fun Dog Show," which featured local residents and their dogs and - true to its name - consisted of fun categories for judging. Dogs competed for best tail wag, most unusual markings, most unusual tail, biggest feet, best Irish costume, and dog & owner with the most similar hair. A's mom told me about the parade and festivities, and I agreed that the kids would probably get a kick out of seeing all the dogs, so we all went down to check it out. Unfortunately, it was really crowded, and the dog show itself was held on a tiny stage surrounded by onlookers, so it was hard to actually see anything. But the courtyard was full of people and their dogs milling about, so there were more than enough dogs to see and pet.

Afterward, we all took a walk down to the waterfront and then to a sushi restaurant for lunch. We haven't had sushi since we moved here (with the exception of veggie rolls from the grocery store, which doesn't really count) so it was a nice treat. The parade had started up while we were lunching, so we caught a little bit of it when we walked along the parade route back to our car. I was struck by the kind of odd mish-mash of groups participating. They were various groups from the community, of course, but in addition to the rather expected bagpipe band and cub scout troop, there were Bolivian dancers and (this cracked me up) a University of Notre Dame Alumni Band. Bunch of middle-aged band nerds reliving the glory days. I was struck by the fact that, for one thing, there are enough alums of the UND band living in Alexandria (and, likely, the surrounding area) to form a group. It also occurred to me that there probably aren't a whole lot of opportunities for them to play publicly. Community parade, sure, but what else? Is this their big, exciting event of the year? Do they just get together on weekends and march around a park for practice?

We headed home right around Soren's naptime, so he ended up passing out in the car. He'd done a lot of walking and was pretty darned tired!


Day 334 / Day 59

Eleri & I went out for erranding in the late morning while Tom & Soren went to the playground. It was chilly & breezy when we left, but while we were out it warmed up considerably! It was in the mid-50s by the time we got home, which was a pretty nice change.

After lunch, while Soren napped, I was sorting some laundry and was letting Eleri have some tummy time on our bed. She managed to roll over from her front to her back, twice! I don't remember Soren rolling over this early, and his first rolls were back-to-front. Interesting little difference between the kiddos.

Little else of interest on the day. Did chores, swam some laps, currently steeling ourselves for the week ahead. Little lass has finally dropped off to sleep, so I'm heading to hit the sack, myself. Good night, all!

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