Friday, March 26, 2010

She's mighty mighty

Day 352

Day 77

Thursday was Eleri's two-month checkup at the doctor. (Yes, she's two and a half months old now, but our pediatrician is apparently a popular guy.) She's growing like a champ, 97th percentile each in height, weight and head circumference (24.25", 13 lbs 12.8 oz, and 16.25", respectively). When I told the doc she's managed to roll from front to back a few times, he was impressed, and of course told me to make sure no one leaves her unattended on a high surface (no, really?).

She had her first round of shots, which was hard of course but (sorry Eleri!) not as completely gut wrenching as when Soren got vaccinated for the first time. It was both fortunate and not that she was very hungry by the end of the appointment, and then the nurse took a freaking coon's age to come back in with the immunizations, so she was already pretty upset before the stabbing even began. But then she got to have a nice, long nurse immediately after and forgot all of her troubles. She seemed to tolerate everything well, too, not running a fever or acting in any way other than her usual, cheerful self by the time we got home. So all around, I'd say it was a good day!

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