Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning


Day 340

Day 65

Eleri doesn't have a wide range of sounds in her vocal repertoire just yet, but one of the things we parrot back to her rather frequently is "Goo." Saturday morning, Soren was holding Eleri in his lap, and he leaned down close to her face and said "Goo! Goo!" So damned cute.

Most of the time, Eleri wakes up quite differently from how Soren did as an infant. If she's napping in her crib and I'm out in the living room, it takes a little while for her to work up to any readily audible cries. Usually I'll hear just a little squeak or mumble, and I won't be sure if I'm hearing her or not, so I'll go back to check. And I'll find her squiggling around quietly, looking this way and that, more or less content with her situation. When she gets hungry in the middle of the night, I have to be pretty deeply asleep to miss her initial quiet grumbles and for her to instead escalate to actual crying. It's an interesting change from Mr. Insta-Pissed. ;) She makes up for it with her fits over the belly bubbles almost every night, though.

Also on Saturday, we rented a steam cleaner for cleaning up the carpet in the living room. While Tom did that, the kiddos and I ventured out in the rain to do the weekly grocering. Eleri was in one of her bear suits, which usually attracts attention when we're out and about. In Trader Joe's, an older lady stopped me to ooh and ahh over the cuteness extravaganza, and she struck up a conversation. She asked, since we've got a boy and a girl, if we were done having kids after this. I replied that, yes, we probably were. She then told me that had been her plan as well, but when her son was 15 months old, she gave birth to twin daughters. Not long after, she "kicked her husband to the curb," raising all three kids by herself! I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult that would be. I shudder at the very thought.


Day 341

Day 66

More cleaning and organizing was on the agenda for today. Chief among the requisite chores was finally taking down our wondertree. Yes. It's mid-March and we still had our Christmas tree up. In our defense, it was still green and fragrant and barely dried out at all. Possibly the combined effects of being outside and enduring several serious freezes (cryogenic preservation?) kept it so fresh for so long. Still, enough was enough.

Frequently, when Eleri cries, Soren parrots what he hears us say so often - "It's okay, Eleri." When Tom was in the midst of crushing the tree's branches so it would fit into the garbage bags, Soren piped up, "It's okay, tree!" Even though he said it cheerfully and didn't seem upset about the tree's plight, it was kind of heartbreaking.

After dinner, Tom took Soren for a walk outside in the stroller. The lad slept rather badly Saturday night and didn't get much of a nap today, so he ended up passing out in the middle of the walk. It's the first time he's fallen asleep in the stroller for quite a while.

At bedtime, I had both the kids temporarily for the pre-bed reading of books. Soren made a point of holding up the first book so that Eleri (who was lying down on the bed in front of him) could see. It was very, very sweet.

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