Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Day 353

Day 78

I'm beginning to think there's more to learning colors than strictly rote memorization. Soren's been fairly consistent in his ability to quickly pick up the names of new objects, but we've been trying to teach him colors for a while now, and they just don't seem to be sticking in his brain like everything else. Now, don't misunderstand me. This is not some sort of SWIPL handwringing on my part about what a tragedy it is that my not yet two year-old doesn't know his colors! Nor do I actually worry that he might genuinely be colorblind. (He doesn't, after all, simply mix up low contrast color pairs. He'll point at something black and proclaim it, "Yellow!") This is just me saying, "Hmm. It sure seems like there's some sort of brain training associated with recognizing colors, above and beyond simple memorization." So I've been thinking a little about that and wondering how babies and wee tykes physically see the world.

(I realize that it's almost certainly a mistake to have written the above without first doing even a cursory search into the topic. Someone - *cough*Tomand/orMCsquared*cough* - will no doubt point me to scores of studies dealing with the very subject of color acquisition. I accept this risk.)

It occurred to me, this week, that I'd neglected to properly introduce Soren to Sifl and Olly, so I made a point to correct my error. As a result, we've got some crescent freshness on tap for our Friday video recommendation.


MC Squared said...

Colors are weird.

I have nothing that will expand your understanding, but I have a link that shows how you can use gray scale dot stippling on the OLED of a Nexus One to take advantage of it's arrangement of pixels to induce color in your eye.

Page 3 has the cool examples, so I'm sending you right there:

And... thinking more about it... There's an interesting bunch of images that show how colors are perceived by those of us that are haunted by green horses in this article:

Yes - A lot of my links go back to ars. I read more articles there than at

MC Squared said...

OK, the color isn't induced in your eye, it's induced at the source. I had incorrectly recalled the cause of the colors.

It's cool in it's own right, but less related to your initial pondering.

I think the second article does provide some good examples of how others see colors.

susan said...

So, are the left and right images in the second article indistinguishable to you?

The second article leads me to believe there may be something to what I was thinking, wrt cones possibly being less sensitive in early life. Either way, certainly seems game developers ought to pay more attention to how they set up their games, color-wise.

MC Squared said...

No, they are distinguishable both in color and in clarity. If my color blindness was more pronounced, then perhaps they'd only be distinguishable by clarity.