Friday, March 05, 2010


Day 332

Day 57

Today was A's birthday, so we met him & his mom at a park near their house. Poor Soren got twisted around on the slide and ended up face-planting in the muddy mulch off the end. He started out fine, but his foot got caught as he was going around the curve of the slide, and somehow that flipped him backward and then he rolled onto his belly just as he flew off at the bottom. He was very startled! Covered with mud on half his face. But uninjured. He kept trying to go all Fugitive into the nearby woods, but M and I took turns herding him back. Fortunately the park is set back enough from the road that we didn't have to worry about him bolting into traffic. Seriously though, it's a lot easier when the playgrounds are fenced.

Eleri received a super cute pilgrim-style hat in the mail today from my buddy Megan. Adorable!

This week, Soren watched a lot of They Might Be Giants music videos. He loves those guys. I could post Soren-approved TMBG videos every week for the next few months. But today I introduced him to Weezer, so we'll switch it up this week.

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