Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Day 350

Day 75

This morning A came over to play. It was not as warm today, but drier than yesterday, so we took the boys to the playground outside for a little while. There was gallivanting and much employment of the slides and swings. I put Soren's new shirt on him and even got him to say "Chewbacca" a few times.

A little while back, my sister picked up a copy of the preschool-level Hooked on Phonics kit for Soren. It arrived in the mail yesterday (thanks!) and we opened it up today to take a look. Soren's comments upon opening the box: "Pretty awesome!" and "Very cool." I'm not kidding. That kid's hilarious.

Also in the category of "Soren says the darndest things," he was pretty enthusiastically chatting people up in the elevator today. Specifically, he was leading off with, "Hi, you!" and then proceeding to point and name the articles of clothing people had on ("Jacket! Hat! Pants! Shirt!"). He did this on at least two, possibly three, elevator rides. Very funny.

It was brisk and breezy when we took our after dinner walk. It'll be nice as it continues to get just a tad warmer, but I'm happy for the family time, either way.

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