Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Titles are overrated

Day 329

Day 54

There weren't as many kids as usual at playgroup on Tuesday morning, and most were less than a year old. Soren, A and two other kids were the oldest by quite a fair margin (at least in little kid relative terms...certainly a year or two isn't such a huge difference in adults). One little girl was there for the first time, and Soren seemed quite taken with her. He sat beside her to share his book and then gave her a kiss! Hehe. All the affection he's been showing Eleri seems to be extending now to kissing strangers and saying "I love you" to people he's only just met.

In the evening, I'd started water running in the tub and was getting ready to bathe Eleri. She and I were in our bedroom, dealing with her diaper while the tub was filling, when Soren (who had been out in the living room with Tom) suddenly came running into the bathroom and jumped into the tub...while still wearing his diaper and a shirt. He was so pleased with himself ("Bath! Bath! Bath!") that we let him go ahead and join us for bathing. Goofball.

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Anonymous said...

My titles would be:
He: so handsome & happy and
She: so beautiful & serene
Just LOVE all your photos & blogs...Thanks so much! xoxo Yaya & Buddy