Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday (and some other stuff)

Day 357

Day 82

< TMI > I got an IUD today. (Not to be confused with a DUI.) That was...about as much fun as you'd expect. Actually, I have to admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, given what has to be shoved through where. And if everything works like it's supposed to, we'll have hormone-free, surgery-free, barrier-free protection against further expansion of our brood for the next decade. So yay for that! < / TMI >

Some friends and I have started a collaborative photo blog. I discovered this other blog, as we see it, a little while ago, and I was so taken with the premise of it that I really wanted to copy it flatter it via imitation. We post our interpretations of a given topic each week, selecting 1 to 4 photos to share. I think it's going to be a lot of fun! You can check it out here.

Tom & I bought a nifty heart rate monitor and data logger to use during our workouts. Geeks that we are, we're pretty excited about the opportunity for data collection. 'Cuz you know, the only thing better than data is...more data!

And once again, our kids are cute. But you knew that. ;)


ml said...

OH i am so excited about all of your new things!!

I know a lot a people who have IUDs (and love them)! and I am ALL ABOUT heart rate monitoring - it keeps you honest!!! Although I will say that some of the HRM straps are a little more comfortable than the one that you have (I like the polar soft ones)

Amy said...

No more babies? :(

susan said...

ML - You mean they make fleecy ones? Wild!

Amy - Barring any serious changes of heart, I think we're done. The nice thing about the IUD though is that it's not permanent.

Anonymous said...

To add to your TMI's....this Sr. Geek gathers trivia info, and according to my data; Your procedure was done exactly one year from Tom's arrival in D.C. :) Yaya

susan said...

You're close, Yaya. It was a year ago yesterday that Tom started his job, but he'd arrived in DC a few days before that. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Geeks Rule! Yaya

Sara said...

To add to the TMI and being the nerd that I am did you get a copper IUD? Just about every girl in my pharmacy class decided to get one last year, however they all have the Mirena brand (with progesterone)and love it! I don't know anyone who has gone drug free.

susan said...

I did get the copper one (Paragard). I have no complaints so far!