Monday, March 08, 2010

Two months old!

Day 335

Day 60

Yesterday, Soren turned 23 months old, an occasion marked with basically no fanfare. But today, Eleri is two months old, and that feels like a much bigger deal. Obviously this is due to the fact that, at this younger age, changes from one month to the next are much more pronounced. The biggest changes in Soren from month to month right now are in the area of vocabulary; it almost seems like the growth there is exponential these days. But for Eleri, a lot has changed in the past month. For example, she can now hold her head up fairly competently, and she makes a lot more varied vocalizations than she did before, and she can do this:

(She's still working on it, clearly. Hehe.)

This morning we made a run to Target to pick up a filing cabinet. One of my goals for the month is to finally get all our miscellaneous paperwork in some semblance of order. (Currently it's split between a couple of boxes, several drawers, and two or three piles.) After we returned home, I got the kids napping and set to work marinating the flank steak for tonight's dinner. Soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and a wee bit of honey. The steak was later grilled up on the Foreman grill, along with some onions, and we ate it with sauteed Brussels sprouts. Super yum.

After naps, we walked over to the playground, where Soren did about five minutes of playing before we had to return home and change a diaper. Sigh. (And no, it wasn't Eleri's.) Once back in the apartment and cleaned up, Soren wanted a snack, and then Eleri wanted a snack, and then Eleri needed her diaper changed, so we didn't end up making it back outside before it was time to start making dinner. Pity, because it was quite nice out, today. Fortunately, the warmer weather is due to continue for the rest of the week.

Hilarious occurrence of the evening: Eleri was in her bouncer, and Soren came over, kneeled beside her, lifted up his shirt and offered his nipples, saying, "Ellie milks?" I just about keeled over from the cuteness of it all.


Amy said...

her arms remind me of a glow worm without the glowing :)

Amy said...

Side note: you'll be happy to know that "swiper, no swiping!" and other variations have become a frequent occcurance at our house. The most common: drooler, no drooling! (usually directed at Wiggy, but often me)

susan said...

Ha. Yes, we've got a similar trend here ("Diaper, no diaping.") ;)