Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Foolery

Day 359

Day 84

Soren decided he'd try to punk me this April Fool's Day by not taking his nap. Yes, after being all proud of myself yesterday for getting him napping in his bed, I spent more than 2 hours waiting for him to fall asleep today. And it just never happened. Then, while we were eating dinner, I noticed he'd gotten a little too quiet; upon looking over, I discovered him passed out, yogurt spoon in one hand, belly button in the other. And then I had the last laugh.

This morning we met one of his playgroup friends and her mom at the park. It was a really nice day, weather-wise, and the playground was quite crowded. Soren and his friend were, for a while, among the oldest ones there. I remembered first going to that same park a year ago, when Soren was still pretty new to walking, and having to watch carefully so he didn't get bowled over by rowdy two and three year-olds. What a difference a year makes! Today he was running around, making friends with all the moms, climbing and sliding like it weren't no thang. His little playgroup friend likes to shake hands when it's time to leave, and Soren held onto her hand for a little while as we all walked toward the cars. So cute.

I probably won't get anything posted for the next couple of days. My cousin's coming to stay with us this weekend, and one of our California friends will be in town as well, so there will be much visiting and consuming of tasty foods and viewing of cherry blossoms, and not a lot of blogging. There will be photos a'plenty upon my return though; you can count on it!

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