Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chronology shmonology

Day 16

Day 106

Friday evening I had planned to go swimming instead of running, since I was pretty tired. Tom got home from work, and while he got dinner started, I sat down on the couch to feed Eleri. And promptly fell asleep while burping her. Even more tired than I thought, apparently! I woke up to a delicious dinner of steak pseudo-carbonara (linguine topped with Classico sun dried tomato alfredo sauce, into which were mixed peas, steak, mushrooms, and egg). Unbelievably tasty. I did not end up going to exercise that evening. ;)

In the morning I took Soren to his rec center class. On the way, we dropped Eleri off at A's house. It was really nice of A's mom to offer to watch her so Soren & I could have some one-on-one time! He still wasn't really into the activities in his class this week. Part of it, I think, was that he was distracted and kept asking about Eleri and A, but in general he just doesn't seem to be one for crafts quite yet. The final craft of the day was especially ill-suited to his age, I thought. We were making "igloos" by gluing a styrofoam cup upside down on a paper plate, then covering it with a layer of frosting into which we stuck sugar cubes. Soren, of course, managed to snag and eat a sugar cube (followed quickly by another one), which he declared, "Yummy!" and then he had absolutely no further interest in building his igloo. And a minor meltdown ensued when I prevented him from eating any further "yummies." Oy.

After dinner we had a nice walk outside. Soren pointed out airplanes and cars and dogs. I seem to remember laughing at something particularly funny he said, but I can't for the life of me recall what it was.

Also on Friday, I started working through the backlog of kid videos I'd acquired. Here's one below (in lieu of a music video this week); six more are up on Flickr, and I'll try to get the rest up soon as well. Enjoy!

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