Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Or is it Magnum?

Day 13

Day 103

This morning the playgroup met up at the River Farm Children's Garden again. Soren was pretty good about staying where he was supposed to and seemed to enjoy himself, running around with his friends. He was very huggy today, giving hugs to several kids he'd only just met (in addition to A, his usual hug-attack victim). Eleri slept for about the first hour we were there but then was awake for the second hour, looking all around. I regret not taking the time to photograph the beautiful orange tulips (not my photo) that were blooming, but they were right by the entrance/exit of the garden, and I didn't want to enable any escape attempts.

On the way home, we stopped at the library to return some books and check out a few new ones. Soren was reasonably well behaved, though as we were trying to leave he managed to shut off the power to the self-check-out machines. Yippee.

Apropos of nothing, here are some of the nicknames I have for Eleri:

- Ellie Bear / Ellie Bug
- Eleroonle / Eleroodle
- (the Soren-inspired) Tiny Girlo
- Eleri Belleri
- Welleri
- Smelleri / Yelleri (these are occasion-specific)
- Sweet Cheeks


Tom said...

It's Blue Steel!

susan said...

Ah, thanks. Your comment alerted me to the fact that I'd neglected to title the post (by generating a comment notification email). ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pics....Soren is magazine worthy and Eleri is too,too adorable. I have been calling her "sweet cheeks" since her birth. Thanks for all the wonderful posts & pics! xoxoxoxox Yaya & Buddy