Monday, April 19, 2010

Different Hey-Hey?

Day 12

Day 102

Today I introduced Soren to the concept of cover songs. One of his current favorite videos to watch is the Pomplamoose cover of Mrs. Robinson (a.k.a. in Sorenese, Hey-Hey). This afternoon he was asking to watch it, but I was in the middle of something and didn't want to open up YouTube on the iPod, so I played the original Simon & Garfunkel version of Mrs. Robinson instead. (Just the audio, which didn't require me to stop what I was doing.) At first he protested, kept asking for Hey-Hey and started getting mad that I wasn't letting him listen to the song he wanted. Then the guitar intro ended and the lyrics started up and it dawned on him that this was, indeed, Hey-Hey, but somehow...different. I could see the wheels turning in his little brain, see that he recognized the song but also recognized that the dulcet tones of Paul Simon were not exactly the same as those of Nataly Dawn. Most peculiar! So this version became quickly referred to as Different Hey-Hey. And then I perplexed him further by playing Another Different Hey-Hey (the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover). Again, he got agitated at the beginning of the song and then settled with the first familiar verse, looking a little amazed. It was pretty fun. :)

I took a picture of Eleri this evening, wearing one of my favorites of Soren's old pjs. I dug through Flickr to find a shot of Soren in the same outfit and was again surprised and amused by the accidental symmetry of the two images.


MC Squared said...

That is such a great little story. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

He - a speeding bullet....she - a lump of love. What a perfect family! xoxoxoxoxo Yaya & Buddy

susan said...

MC^2 - Thanks. I'm trying to be more conscious about balancing out my whining about Soren's "tumultuous twos" with some recounting of the sweet and fun moments we have, too.

Yaya - We're pretty pleased. :)