Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disapproving baby is judging you

Day 7

Day 97

When we walk at the mall on Wednesdays, most of the time we have been walking next to S and her mom (with whom we played at the park a couple of weeks back). S is a little less than six months older than Soren - I incorrectly identified her as "nearly 3" before - and she articulates her thoughts a lot more clearly than he does. I'm really kind of amazed by the difference six months makes, though I shouldn't be. I am fully aware of how much Soren has advanced, not just in terms of communication but in overall development, since October. It's kind of exciting to think about where he'll be half a year hence.

Anyway. This week, Eleri stayed awake for at least the first two thirds, maybe even three quarters, of our mall walk time. This was highly unusual, since it usually falls smack in the middle of her morning naptime. But she was quite happy to be facing forward in the pack, looking all around. In the stroller beside us, S had a pair of sunglasses with her, and she was showing them to Soren. The two of them passed the sunglasses back & forth several times, taking turns wearing them (Soren opting to wear them upside down more often than not). This kept them both occupied and entertained for a nice long while, which was great, since even I will admit that being wheeled around the mall, lap after lap, past mostly vacant stores has got to be pretty boring. At one point, I noticed that Eleri had stopped kicking and wiggling around as much, so I asked S's mom if she'd fallen asleep. She said, "No, she's awake, but she looks like she's scowling. Her eyebrows are all furrowed." I speculated that she did not approve of the flirting going on between her brother and the "older woman." Hehe.

Not long after, she did start to fall asleep for real, so I flipped her back around to face me, and she slept the rest of the time. We went to the store on our way home, and she was awake again for that. She slept for the few minutes we were in the car between the store and home, and then she was awake again. This is a baby who normally knocks out for a good 2 1/2 or 3 hours in the morning, mind you. So by this point she was starting to get quite crabby. I got her settled finally, just after Soren had finished his lunch, but before I could take her back to her crib, I needed to change Soren's diaper. And then he ran out and woke her up again! It was finally around 2:30 or 3:00 that I got her asleep and in her own bed, and then she slept until right before Tom got home from work. Heh. Atta girl! Maybe she could teach Soren a thing or two.

It was another no-nap day for the lad, though instead of overtiredness leading to a bedtime meltdown, he actually went to sleep fairly easily and slept pretty well. It's a crap shoot with him! Or a box of chocolates. You never know, yada yada yada.

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