Friday, April 16, 2010

F is for Friday

Day 9

Day 99

Several of the kids in the playgroup have been taking classes at the local rec center. Their parents spoke positively about the classes, and it sounded like the sort of thing Soren might enjoy, so I signed him up. Originally, I enrolled him in a Saturday class so he and Tom could have some guy bonding time on the weekends, but that class turned out to be underbooked, so they canceled it. Lame! I was able to get him in a different class on Fridays, though, so we went to the first one today.

It was pretty cool. The class is "ABCs and 123s" and incorporates little art crafts and songs and stories in learning about letter sounds and counting. It's geared toward 2-4 year olds, so he's on the lower end of the age group, but that's not such a bad thing. He definitely doesn't have the attention span of the older kids, though. The teacher is pretty good about moving things along from one activity to the next in fairly short order; I think we had 2 stories, 2 art projects and 2 music activities, all in about 40 minutes. Still, Soren was less interested in coloring his elephant picture and more interested in drinking the water intended for the watercolors and trying to escape out the emergency exit. He also splashed a bunch of water out of the handwashing tub and tried to steal a little girl's Dora & Boots backpack. Sigh. He did like playing with the egg shakers and was very good about following directions with that activity ("Shake high! Now shake low! Now tap the egg on your toe! Now tap your knee!"). He mostly sat through the first story, though he more or less ran around during the second one. Anyway. I'm hopeful he'll get more into the class as time goes on. He was definitely happy to wear his little construction paper flower crown all around after class was over. He got many compliments on it when we went to Trader Joe's on our way home.

(Can you guess what today's letters were? Elephant picture, egg shakers, flower crown...)

Today was another no-nap, easy-to-bed day. We'll see how well he sleeps tonight, though. Have a good weekend!

Edited to add: Yeesh, again with the forgetting about the Friday video. (I don't know if anyone even watches these or cares, actually.) But here's a classic They Might Be Giants song Soren likes a lot. (He calls it "Sanna Bowl.")

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