Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fortunately, it's not all sleep battles and toddler tantrums

Day 14

Day 104

Soren's gotten to be kind of fun to have in the car. He'll frequently point out other vehicles that we pass ("Bus! Car! Fallah chuck*!"), and we work on recognizing the colors of said vehicles. Yesterday we were passing a construction site, and he said, "Bulldozer!" Hehe. It's awfully cute. He also gets excited when his They Might Be Giants CD is playing and his favorite songs come on ("Diggin! Diggin, yeah!").

*Fire truck

It was rainy today, but we did our usual mall walking and then ran several errands. Tom remarked, later, that he was pleased with how nice and rainy the weather was. My retort: "Yeah, sure. Nice, unless you're out in it, wrestling children into pouches and shopping carts." To be fair, though, it wasn't all that bad, and I'd much rather have the occasional day of rain than endless heat. And it's making everything so lovely and green out right now. Honestly, the beautiful green vegetation everywhere just makes me smile.

While we were out erranding, I had Eleri facing forward in the pouch (and thus facing Soren, in the cart) when she was awake. A few times, he must have said or done something funny because she would let out a tiny little chuckle at seemingly random moments. And frequently, Soren would reach for her to give her hugs and kisses, which she happily accepted. He really is great with her, which is so nice to see. This morning they were both in her crib, and he was giving her hugs, and she was smiling so hugely I thought her cheeks were going to rise all the way up to her forehead.

This evening, Tom & Soren were reading Soren's Dora the Explorer book. By some miracle I was able to record some of the cuteness undetected, so I'll endeavor to get it posted sometime soon here to share with you. (I actually have quite a large backlog of unposted video again. I'll work on rectifying that situation soon.)

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