Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go play more slides!

Day 22

Day 112

We've been working on making sure Soren knows everyone's names (in the family), in the event he gets lost or whatever and needs to have someone find us. One such practice session this evening led to another funny Soren quote -

Tom: What's Mommy's name?
Soren: Susan Johnson.
Tom: What's Daddy's name?
Soren: Tom Johnson.
Tom: What's sister's name?
Soren: Eleri Johnson.
Tom: What's your name?
Soren: Cheese?

We were outside a fair bit today. Since the weather was so nice, playgroup got moved from the library to someone's backyard. Soren ran around & played for a couple of hours there. Then this evening we went to the park for another hour and change while Tom had soccer practice. Soren was his hilarious, gregarious self at the park, greeting everyone and (at one point) charming his way into some grapes from this family's picnic dinner.

He was so sleepy on the way home that we were trying to keep him talking so he wouldn't pass out in the car. Several times his words were slurred from exhaustion, and he sounded precisely as though his batteries were running down. He stayed awake though! Eleri was overtired as well and cried for about half the trip home. When she finally calmed down, Soren said, "Nice and quiet. I like quiet." Ha!


ACJC said...

You should read The Stinky Cheese Man to him ;)

Anonymous said...

Soren said, "Nice and quiet. I like quiet." Ha!= He's his father's son...

Grandpa J