Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going out, staying in


Day 17

Day 107

Saturday morning I went & did my running at the gym, since I'd failed to get down there on Friday. I've been using our new heart rate monitor for a couple of weeks now, and I've come to the conclusion that it may be strong enough for a man, but it is definitely not made for a woman. I am shaped in a way that is, shall we say, challenging for the chest strap to work optimally. So I've got data, but it's not reliable. My graphs don't look anything like as pretty as Tom's do; his are mostly all smooth curves, and mine are riddled with spikes where the signal keeps getting lost and then recaptured. The newer treadmills in the gym also pick up the signal from the chest strap. Annoyingly, though, the treadmill and the watch frequently display different numbers, often waaaay off from one another (I'm talking 30 or 40 bpm off). And not always in the same direction (sometimes the treadmill is higher than the watch, sometimes it's lower). So I'm kind of bummed about that. I've been looking around a little for a setup that might better accommodate my various curvatures, but - no great surprise - the good ones look to be pretty expensive. I'll keep looking.

Around lunchtime, we took the kids over to A's house. I'd been talking with A's mom about setting up some sort of babysitting swap so we could get some child-free outings every once in a while. Pretty great! So Tom & I were up first. We got some lunch and then went shooting. Neither of us had been in over a year, and it had been almost 3 years since the last time we'd gone together (not since before I got pregnant with Soren). So that was great fun. I didn't do too badly, even, given how out of practice I was.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back, to round out our date, and then hung out with A's parents (and the kiddos, of course) at their house for a couple of hours. All in all, a very enjoyable day!


Day 18

Day 108

Nothing too remarkable about Sunday. Chores were done, as per usual, and the boys went out together for some erranding. In the evening, Soren was playing with his little ABC snail. At one point he rolled it off the table and then exclaimed, "Snail! You okay?!" Hehehe.


ml said...

re heart rate monitors:

i have this one (currently) it has a really soft strap with a thing that pops on and off. it's also "coded" so you don't get so much interference. you might be able to upgrade the transmitter that came with yours - i know polar has ~3 or 4 different types of chest straps.

also, make sure the strap is tight enough, and you should lick or dampen the electrodes before you use it - poor contact can result in the watch loosing the signal.

susan said...

I'll try the dampening trick and see if that helps. That one you have looks pretty great though!