Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Soviet Russia (and apparently Toddlertown), naps take you...

Day 2

Day 92

Friday morning, Soren figured out how to open the front door of our apartment. I'm glad I was in the room when he made this discovery! After chasing him back in from the hall twice in quick succession, I resorted to using one of the childproof doorknob thingies to foil any further escape attempts. Because really, that's just what I need; come back to the living room after changing Eleri to find Soren's escaped, run down to the elevators and ended up on who-knows-which floor.

At Soren's checkup on Thursday, I asked the doctor for some advice about the sleep problems we've been having. Most of what he suggested, we're already doing or have tried, but he did have a couple of recommendations for other things to attempt. The first was to try playing soothing music not just when Soren's falling asleep (which we do) but to keep it playing all night for some consistent background noise. The other recommendation was less appealing to me, but I guess I'm willing to give it a try - he said maybe Soren doesn't need to have an afternoon nap anymore, and that maybe we should try skipping it. Blagh. For one thing, all the advice from "baby sleep experts" seems to indicate that sleep begets sleep; kids who get good naps during the day tend to sleep more at night. For another...even if Soren doesn't need his nap anymore, I've really come to count on having that quiet break in the afternoon! But I do have to admit, if he's got so much energy that it's taking more than an hour just to settle him enough to fall asleep, and his naps are consequently getting pushed later and later in the day, maybe he really would go to sleep earlier at night if he doesn't get that nap. Sigh.

So on Friday I decided to give it a try. We ran some errands after lunch, which is when I would normally have tried to put him down for his nap. We went to Target, and for the first time I had Eleri facing forward in the front pack at the store, so she was facing Soren, who was in the cart. It was pretty cute to watch them interact.

And then, 2 blocks from home, Soren fell asleep in the car. At 3pm. Heh. I guess at least I avoided the fight we would have had if I'd tried to get him to sleep at home. ;) And he didn't sleep very long (just about half an hour), so he ended up falling asleep pretty easily at bedtime and then sleeping all night in his own bed. Not bad! Maybe there's something to this "less sleep during the day" thing after all. We'll try it for a little while, see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Nap time can be just "rest" time too. I needed the rest so the kids could read a book if they did not want to sleep. It seemed a good solution and up through pre-school and kindergarten, I kept up nap time. I spent over 10 years, pregnant or nursing so I was pretty tired:)

Gramma Carrie Ann

susan said...

Yes, I have still been making him have some quiet time even if he doesn't fall asleep. It's not quite as nice as an actual nap, but I'll take it if that's all I'm going to get.