Thursday, April 15, 2010

J'aime beaucoup les papillions

Day 6

Day 96

Continuing our recent trend of less-than-stellar pictures, here are a couple taken with my cell phone for Tuesday. But at least I have some mildly amusing tales of the day to relate!

Tuesday morning there was a playgroup outing to the live butterfly exhibit at the Smithsonian. We arranged to meet A and his mom at the metro station and ride in to the city with them. In an annoying twist, I was actually all organized and would have made it out the door on time for once, had Leo not bolted his breakfast and then regurgitated it on both the kitchen and living room floors, just as we were about to leave. I suppose being truly organized requires me to be prepared for such eventualities and actually ready to leave the house early instead of just on time. Oh well.

At any rate, we weren't hideously late, and A and his mom kindly waited for us so we could all ride in together. I'm glad we didn't try to just find them at the museum. On Tuesdays, admission to the butterfly exhibit is free (usually $5 a person), so it was pretty crowded with field trip groups. We never did end up connecting with the rest of the playgroup; saw a couple of moms & kids in passing, but they were way ahead of us in line and therefore ready to leave long before we were. Anyway, the boys had fun looking at the butterflies, though Soren was perhaps even more impressed with the water misters that were spraying periodically. Each time they started and stopped, he announced, "Water!" and "Water all done!" Hehe. Eleri was actually awake the whole time we were in the exhibit, looking all around with big eyes. There was really an impressive assortment of butterflies and moths there, even a couple with wings as big as my hands.

It was a fairly short excursion. Once we were done with the butterflies, we went to meet Tom for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen, which was nice. Soren was very surprised to see him.

Home again, we took it easy, though Soren had no nap. He was overtired at bedtime as a result, which led to another huge fit. Nor did he sleep especially well once he did finally settle down and pass out. Sigh. I'll quit dwelling on this at some point and just accept that things are difficult and will almost certainly remain difficult for a while. This is not to say that I'll quit trying different things to make it easier for all of us, but I'll quit bothering the rest of you about it. ;)

Edited to add: I almost forgot! Tuesday night, Eleri giggled for the first time. Tom was fake sneezing at her, and she was just tickled. I wish I'd had the camera handy, but I have no doubt these were only the first chuckles of many.

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