Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday musings

Day 5

Day 95

Monday I actually got a nap out of the lad. Sure, it took laying down with him, but once he and Eleri both passed out, the three of us had a nice long (and much-needed) snooze. Afterward, we went outside to burn off some energy before dinner. Naturally, Eleri decided she was starving the moment we got out to the playground, so I sat down on a bench to feed her, at which point Soren decided it was time to go home. Fun! If you've never chased a speeding toddler across a field while carrying a screaming baby (very offended from being interrupted in her snacking)'re not missing much, I assure you.

Anyway. Once I coaxed him back out to the playground, he scamped around quite happily until it was time to go in and get dinner started. It's as if he forgets sometimes that he enjoys playing.

Bedtime was especially brutal. Around 7:00, Soren started rubbing his eyes, saying, "Sleep? Sleep?" So Tom went ahead and started the evening routine with him, extra early. This led to an hour plus of thrashing and screaming as Soren refused to fall asleep. Sigh. Eventually we brought him out to the living room for some quiet time with Eleri, got him calmed down from his fits, and then tried again. It went a lot better the second time, but man. This is really getting old.


Tom said...

Ew, time to wash the bjorn.

susan said...

I know. I keep waiting for a day when I don't need to use it ;)

MC Squared said...

Do you let him sleep through dinner, or do you shake him out of it?

MC Squared said...

Er, rouse, it's bad to use the word shake when referring to children.

susan said...

The high chair's not especially comfortable, I think, for sleeping anyway. He never stays asleep more than 20 or so minutes in it. So yeah, we tend to let him snooze if he does fall asleep during dinner. Though if we can catch him before he falls all the way asleep, we'll keep him awake.