Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quotable Soren

Day 21

Day 111

Full sentences uttered by the lad today:

"Ellie's having some milks."
"It's chilly outside."
"Come this way, Mommy."

Hilarious tidbits:

"Go paygloop?" (playgroup)
"Leaf bowler!" (leaf blower)
"Guys flop-down!" (referring to a soccer player making a tackle)
"Hundred frickin' years!" (repeating the last 3 words of a statement Tom had just made)

Eleri rolled from back-to-front for the first time, tonight. Go Eleri! She also sat in the bouncy swing for the first time while we were working on dinner. She wasn't super thrilled with it, but she didn't freak out either.

I took the iPod and Nike+ sensor with me to the mall for our Wednesday stroller walk, in order to get an idea of about how far we've been going each week. It measured 2.7 miles, which ain't too shabby. We walk for a bit less than an hour, so it's not as though we're going super fast or anything, though there are usually a few stops to reposition kids or resupply their snacks/drinks/etc. I maintain it's pretty good exercise, pushing the boy and carrying the girl.


Tom said...

It was actually a goalkeeper making a diving save.

ACJC said...

How exactly does one bowl for leaves?

MC Squared said...

Thanks Tom. That answered one of my questions.

The other question: What topic lends itself to sentences ending in "... hundred frickin' years?"

Tom said...

I'm reading Albion's Seed and I was amazed to see how many kids/family the Puritans in New England had. Some places had an average of about 9/family, which trend persisted for... a hundred frickin' years.

MC Squared said...

I was going to be even more amazed because I incorrectly assumed that infant mortality must have been high, but it wasn't. Just about 1 in 10.