Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three months old!

Year 3, Day 1

Day 91

Thursday morning I declared us all well enough to return to playgroup. It was the first time Eleri stayed awake the whole time we were there, smiling and cooing for the most part. She got upset a couple of times, hungry and then tired, but overall she seemed reasonably entertained by all the goings on.

Home again and lunched, it was time for another nap battle before Soren's 2 year doctor visit. He ended up only falling asleep about 45 minutes before we had to leave, but it seemed to be enough sleep for him. At the doc's, he weighed in at 28 lbs, 9 oz (he seems so much heavier!) and measured 35.5" tall, putting him right around the middle of the distribution for his age. He was very curious about the doctor's otoscope and stethoscope, and even though he got a little bored and restless while we were waiting, he was very well behaved on the whole. He only needed one shot, and he didn't make a peep when he got it! (I guess all the constant bumps and bruises from running around like a maniac are toughening him up. Hehe.)

In the evening we got a fairly intense rainstorm. Tom took Soren out in it for a few minutes, and the lad was pretty tickled.

I'm not sure what else to say about our little 3 month old except that she's big and smiley and sweet. But there's not much new about that. ;)

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