Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tiny victories

Day 358

Day 83

Soren's continued to be a pretty decent eater this week. I guess he's about to shoot up, bulk out, or both, in the very near future.

After stroller walking at the mall and eating a pretty good lunch, I prepared to engage in the daily nap battle. Soren's been having a harder and harder time going to sleep and staying asleep on his own, so it's time to stop making our lives more difficult by taking the easy road (i.e. napping with him on the couch or putting him to sleep in our bed at nighttime). Sure, he falls asleep much (much!) more easily that way, but he just doesn't stay asleep very long, and when he wakes up and finds himself alone, he's very sad about it. So, it's back to taking the longer - but hopefully ultimately more effective - approach of getting him to fall asleep in his own bed.

Soren is so wiggly. He wiggles and flops and talks and sings and flops some more, which very much prevents him from getting to sleep. The simplest approach is to physically hold him still, which makes him a little mad, but then he'll doze off pretty quickly. Getting him to fall asleep on his own, however, takes a lot longer. So I got the iPod and played some quiet music (Eleri was, mercifully, already asleep) and sat down beside his bed to wait him out. It took over an hour, and there were a few crying fits when he was prevented from getting out of bed or kicking the wall, but he did eventually fall asleep. At which point Eleri woke up, but I was able to cajole her back to dozing for at least a little while so I could catch a few winks, myself. But yeah, even though Soren stirred and whimpered a few times, he was able to settle himself and stay more or less asleep for a good 90 minutes. So I'm putting that one in the Win column for me!

Even more of a win - we repeated the effort at bedtime, and even though it again took upwards of an hour, he not only fell asleep on his own but stayed in his own bed all night long for the first time in months. Whoo-hoo!

A bit of a non sequitur here, but I wanted to mention that, while we were on our family walk after dinner, we passed some motorcycles parked in the parking lot. Soren first identified them as bicycles, but when we told him they were in fact motorcycles, he called them "mosey-cycles." Which I thought was hilarious. Not a lot of moseying typically done on those, after all. ;)

And then Eleri spent several hours eating her fists. Chomp-chomp-chomp.

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