Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Years Old!

Day 365

Day 90

He's a birthday boy! Two years old, I can hardly believe it. He's a talking, running, jumping, laughing, mischief-making, singing, hugging, playing little person. Some days are trying, as he pushes for new levels of independence. But he also amazes me daily with new words and abilities, melts my heart with the hilarious and cute things he says and does. Eleri could hardly adore him more, and when she's asleep he can hardly wait for her to wake up so he can play with her again.

The birthday festivities were all kind of compressed into the evening hours, after Tom got home from work. I did, however, let him eat a special birthday lunch treat of...french fries. Which he ate with nearly as much gusto as with the grape tomatoes I also gave him. ;) I made pizza for dinner, which Soren also happily ate. (Have I mentioned how much I love that he's been such a better eater lately?) For his birthday dessert, I made tiny brownies. He was very impressed with those; with his mouth still full with the first one, he asked, "Another birthday brownie please?" (Which sounded something like, "Ahhahh buddy bowie peese.")

Then it was time for presents. He finally figured out the whole "rip & tear" concept this past Christmas, so he really enjoyed opening everything. He got quite a haul from friends and extended family (thanks, everyone!), and for our part, Tom & I got him 2 pretty fun little things. The push toy pictured above is Soren's new "vacuum," as he's recently become very interested in our actual vacuum cleaner. I worried this toy might be a little young for him, but he loves it. The other thing we got him is a tricycle. (There will be a picture in Friday's post, or you can check it out on Flickr.) Man oh man, was this ever a winner of a gift. We took him out for a quick test ride on his birthday, and he was super jazzed. It's incredibly cute.

Anyway, happy birthday little man! I'm sure glad we had you.


ml said...

happy birthday soren! i think you need to get him a helmet to go with that tricycle!

ACJC said...

Do we get tricycle videos?

Tom said...


Will be doing that soon, I think.


susan said...

Still working on the videos. Unfortunately, the ones I took of him riding the trike are pretty dark, so I'll have to take more during the day.